Take One


Hello blog world. I, Brittney, am here to share about my adventures as a young person attempting and learning the ways of domestication. About three months ago, I became the wife to a very left brained engineer.  He’s pretty hot, so it makes tolerating his “engineerness” a lot easier. Engineerness is totally a word in Huntsville, Alabama, (where we live) where half the population is an engineer of some sort. Together, we are going to figure out how this whole marriage thing works (stay tuned, should be interesting), slowly make our house into a home, and build a family that will one day include more than just us and our dogs.



Our life is currently full of house projects!  I hope this blog makes it easier to share those projects with our friends and family. Maybe we will even give you the courage to tackle a project of your own (I am talking to my mother, and maybe you, who has a large chunk of the garage dedicated to “projects” that have not been touched in oh….nine years)! I also see this blog as a digital journal/scrapbook for me and Ryan.  So be warned – not every blog post will probably be about our homemaking adventures. Life will be included – the good, the bad, the ugly, and maybe even the yummy. I’m talking food people, don’t freak out, I will keep the newlywed shenanigans to a minimum 🙂 .  

On a serious note, as a young twenty something, I have grown up hearing that I (a woman) can do anything, take any job, be better than any man, etc. While I agree that women can do anything, I think society is slowly losing appreciation for the art of home making.  Another reason I am here wrighting this blog. I know God put me on this Earth to be a homemaker. An awesome, butt-kicking homemaker. I want to share my adventures of being young and domestic with you. I hope to encourage others to embrace being domestic, too!  Who says couponing can’t be fun? (more coupons = more money saved = money I can spend on shoes = happy day).  I hope you will join me as I slowly turn our house into a home- one project, one recipe, one story, and maybe even one disaster at a time.


6 thoughts on “Take One

  1. I Love this idea, look forward to keeping up with the newlyweds!! Glad to hear your happy, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! Many Blessings sent your way for 2012.

  2. Love that you are doing this. Being a domestic homemaker has it’s rewards. Sometimes I work harder then I ever did outside the home.

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