I like to move it, move it.

Anyone else hear the words “move it” and immediately start dancing and singing? Just Me? Awesome. Bring on the awkwardness.

I actually don’t like to move it. In the past five years, I have moved nine times. NINE!!! While I was in college (Roll Tide), I lived in a different place every year, so every fall I would move into a new place and every summer move back into my room at my parent’s house where I lived out of boxes. Why did I do this you ask? Because I just love packing, unpacking, repacking – any and all forms of packing. Kidding. I HATE MOVING with a passion. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I hate finding stuff I didn’t know I had. I hate finding things that make me question my sanity -example: seven crimson and white shakers in the bottom of my closet senior year. Why does a sane person need seven shakers?! Why did I feel the need to keep SEVEN?! Why do I still own pants too small? Why do I own pants too big? Pretty much, I despise moving.

I hate moving

Cartoon adapted from Hyperbole and a half.

So shortly after becoming engaged to Ryan, I told him we were not allowed to move for five years because I was SICK of moving. I wanted a home. I wanted to leave my nomadic ways behind me and build a nest. Our nest. I wanted to put things on walls and not worry about taking it down in six months. I wanted to make our house a home. NO. MORE. MOVING.  I told him his house would be plenty for the two of us, and we would not need to move for five to seven years (when we would have little people). We agreed we would not move for five to seven years.

Well, four months into marriage here we are getting ready to put our house on the market. Crazy, right?! Maybe a little.

Back in November/December, we decided to go take a peek at this super cute, craftsman bungalow (my favorite style)that was for sale, just for kicks. We like to look at houses just for fun. This house visit soon turned into a full blown we-want-a-fixer-upper-and-we-want-it-now-syndrome. We did lots of number crunching, lots of talking, and lots of praying and came to the conclusion the time is now…well…almost. The time is March. We will have our house for sale by March. Our rationality for moving is 1) it is a buyers market so we can stretch our pennies a lot further 2) Interest rates are low which will also help us stretch/save our pennies 3) we have more time and energy now to invest in a fixer-upper than we ever will. So, yea. That’s how it happend. We’ve decided that we want to move forward and purchase our “family home” or “forever house” (whatever you would like to call it) now in hopes to save a lot of money in the long run.

I’ll be back later this week sharing our to do list and looking for your input (put your thinking caps on people)!  Have you ever eaten your words about moving? Do you hate moving as much as I do? Any weird people like moving?



4 thoughts on “I like to move it, move it.

  1. My words of wisdom —
    1. Start clearing stuff out now.
    2. Two Men and a Truck are wonderful people. It’s well worth the expense.
    3. Don’t count on friends to move. I’ve never seen it end well. People don’t show up, or things get broken and feelings get hurt. When strangers break your stuff, you can yell at them!

  2. I’m dancing awkwardly in the office to that song in my head….. and yes, I hate to move… and how old am I? 28… let’s see how many times have I moved in my life time… if we get this house that we’re buying… I believe that will be 27 or 28 moves for me. I hate moving too! :o)

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