Belated Happy Birthday

Guess what yesterday was?

Birthday cupcake

My sweet husband’s 27th birthday. If you are his friend on facebook you probably knew that already. He is now officially entering into his late twenties while I am CLINGING to my early twenties.

Ryan is very low key and since it is his birthday, not mine, I refrain from over the top hoop-la. No black crows in the front yard. No surprise parties. No air planes carrying Happy Birthday Ryan signs across the sky. I would totally okay with a surprise party and an air plane sign if it was my birthday. I actually prefer to refer to my birthday as birthday month, and I get everything I want during my birthday month. At least I try. It doesn’t always work out…

He did get a nice big breakfast with lots of crispy bacon, a GIANT-ALMOST-THE-SIZE-OF-MY-HEAD steak dinner, along with a Roku and a nice bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. Overall, a pretty successful birthday 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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