DIY Custom Matte

No clever post title today. Maybe next time.

One of the items on our to-do list was to frame artwork for the master bedroom. I purchased these foliage prints at a yard sale last year for a dollar, a dollar for all four might I add. Pretty sweet, right? I was pretty pumped.

Foilage Prints

I love these prints! I knew I wanted to put them in our master room – pending Ryan’s nod of approval, which is more like me asking “Hey babe, do you hate these?” Needing Ryan to like something and needing Ryan not to hate something are two different things. My goal is just to pass the latter 🙂

As much as I would love to have these beauties custom matted and framed, it is just not in the budget right now. So I knew I needed to get creative. Thankfully, these prints are a standard 8″ x 10″ so I could use a standard size frame.

Standard size frame = less $$$


My lucky day - Frames were half off!

I still wanted to matte them somehow to give them more presence in the room. As I was walking through Hobby Lobby last week, I had planned on just buying a matte and cutting it myself, but when I walked past the fabric aisle, it hit me. FABRIC. I can use fabric! So I did a little math, and had half a yard of a cotton duck fabric cut. The first fabric that popped into my head was burlap, because this girl LOVES some burlap, but Hobby Lobby was out. Sad day. Duck fabric was a lovely second choice. It still has the texture I was looking for. With 12 x 16 frames and fabric in hand, I made it out of Hobby Lobby having spent about $50 dollars.

Frames – $11 x 4 = $44

Fabric – $3. 60

When I got home, the first thing I did was collect my supplies. When I was digging through my craft supplies, I realized I had ribbon I could use, too – ribbon = border.

DIY matte supplies

Then, I removed the back of the frames.

DIY Matte - remove back

I used the backs as a template for cutting the material. I added a quarter of an inch around all sides to make things a little easier down the road.

DIY Matte - Cut frabric

Once the fabric was I cut, I ironed all the pieces to ensure they would lay flat in the frames.

DIY matte - iron

Next, I attached the print to the fabric with a few pieces of double sides tape. I created a border around the edge of the print with ribbon. To secure the ribbon, I used a small dab hot glue. Is dab an actual measurement? Why not?

DIY Matte - border

Forgive the flash in this photo. It was night time, so I had to use it!

With the border finished and glue dry, I reassembled the frame and WA-LA! Project complete 🙂  I did take a little wiggling and adjusting to get the fabric flat. The extra 1/4″ of fabric came in very handy.

DIY Custom Matte

Not too shabby for about $12 dollars a piece, hm? To custom matte something this size could easily run anywhere from $60 to $100 PER FRAME and I was able to matte & frame all four for $50. I call this project a success!

Have you completed any DIY projects lately? Have anything around your house that needs to be framed? Anything that has been needing to be framed for a year like me? 🙂

Have a good weekend! We have a great one planned!



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