Laundry Room Drama

So I shared the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

After we moved everything out of the laundry room, we pulled up the existing vinyl flooring. All you need is a utility knife and some man power. Then, we scraped the remaining glue of the floor. My arms and hands cramp just thinking about part. To remove the glue, we used a 2″ and 6″ putty knife. To be honest, the 2″ actually worked better.  The blade didn’t wobble (the only word I know to describe it) like the large 6″ blade did. We also discovered applying heat (hair dryer) made removing glue a little easier. Key being little. It still took close to five hours of both us scraping to remove all of the glue.

Laundry Room Floor

Pretty, right?

With all of the glue gone *insert fist pump*, we installed a vapor barrier and made our merry little way on to installing the laminate floor. The flooring it self was SUPER easy to install. Ryan cut the planks to size and snapped them into place, with a little help of a mallet hammer from time to time. About thirty minutes later, Ryan had this laid down (I was repainting the laundry room because it was N-A-S-T-Y while he cut and assembled flooring- a last minute decision to paint but totally worth it).

Laundry Room Flooring installation

Ignore the dryer in there. I can't remember why Ryan moved it back in temporarily.

Looks like it’s going well, right? Ryan’s words at this stage – “Hey, we are going to be able to get this done today. Sweet!”

This is the part of the story where the depressing music starts in the background. Ten minutes later – “Um… babe, we kind of have a problem.” He then informed me we did not have enough flooring to finish the laundry room. You will be happy to know I did not get upset at my wonderful husband. He is still wonderful – he is just no longer in charge of calculating square footage. He agreed to the new arrangement for future projects 🙂

So, we both stood there staring at the floor…I think we were hoping if we stared at it long enough, more flooring would magically appear.

Laundry Room Floor Installation

No luck.

I put my problem-solving/cabinet-experience/design-cap on (my degree is Interior Design-fyi). While I brainstormed, Ryan pulled the receipt from when we had the kitchen floor installed. After some brainstorming, we came up with two options.

1) For $80, we could order another box of flooring; then, wait 5 to 8 weeks for the flooring to come in (based on the wait time when we originally purchased the floor). 5 to 8 weeks without flooring in the laundry room = NOT COOL.

2) We could add a base cabinet and build a platform to sit the washer and dryer on, which would make up for the lack of flooring (since we would not have to put flooring under neith the cabinet or platform).

We decided to go to Lowe’s and price out the cabinet and materials for platform. At this point,  it was about 6:30 pm on Sunday, so whatever we decided on would wait until Monday morning.

After some discussion, we decided to move forward with Option 2. While it cost a little more (about $110)than option 1, it did give us the ability to finish the laundry room on Monday, would provide additional storage, and add another feature to make our laundry room a smidge better than the two houses down the street that are also for sale. Personally, it was worth the extra $30 on plan B just to finish the project on time.

Monday morning, we were up bright and early getting our supplies. Luckily, we already had plywood and MDF board to use for the platform and cabinet top. We picked up an 18″ wide base cabinet, cabinet hardware, a couple 2x4s for the platform, and necessary screws.

Ryan got to measuring. And then he measured again. And again.

Laundry Room platform drawing

These size was based on the size of our washer and dryer.

Then he started cutting the 2x4s to create the base of the platform.

Laundry Room Platform

Once Ryan had everything cut, he secured the pieces together with 2″ screws. While he was working on the platform, I got to work on painting our new cabinet. I used the white paint we already had, which is the white paint we use for baseboards and such. We decided keeping it the same white as the existing trim, would help creat he built-in look we were going for. For the cabinet top, we used a piece of 1″ MDF board we already had and painted it brown (Valspar – Choclate Turtle – I had left over from another project).

Laundry Room Cabinet

After Ryan had assembled the base of the platform, he cut a top out of 3/4″ plywood. Notice that he notched out a space for the dryer vent. Notice you almost get a view of his butt crack. Almost.

Laundry room platform

Once the top was in place, Ryan installed (or reinstalled) the laminate flooring. We even had on board left over, hurray!!! Once the cabinet was dryish, we moved into place. Then, I stepped in to paint. I’m going to be honest with you people. By this point, I was getting really tired of painting. I had painted the laundry room. I had painted the cabinet about 4 times. And now I was painting the platform, all in about 30 hours. So I cheated.

Laundry Room platform.

I only painted the parts of the platform that would be showing, once the washer and dryer were in place. Clever? I think so. Lazy? Well, that’s the real reason.

Next step- installing quarter round. It’s amazing how much better everything looks after a tiny piece of trim! With quarter round in place, I caulked in the caps. Caulk = my BFF

We let the paint cure over night and moved the washer and dryer back into place the following afternoon.

Finished Laundry Room

It was a weirdly exciting feeling. This thought actually ran through my brain “Awesome, now we can start a load of laundry!” *sigh* I guess this is what happens when you get old?

Have you had a DIY-gone-wrong experience? I would love to hear 🙂 Did you spend your long weekend doing house stuff?

Thanks for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “Laundry Room Drama

  1. Great solution, and it actually looks like you planned it that way!! 🙂 Oh, and, yea, that IS what happens when you get old.. lol I feel that way far too often these days.

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  4. Looks really good. My husband and I would’ve just stared at it also, except we would’ve been completely at a loss of what to do next. He probably would’ve gotten mad and I probably would have cried, lol. Nooooo, I can’t wait another 5-8 weeks!!

  5. What an excellent solution. I am in the process of updating our laundry room for a move as well. I have been wanting my W/D up higher anyway, so the platform seems like a great solution. We have not decided on the flooring yet, I was afraid laminate might not be the best choice with the possible water situations. However, vinyl is what is in there now and it is terrible, torn, ugly, need I say more….?

    • I understand completely! We weren’t in that house much longer after replacing the floors, so I can’t share much about how it held up to wear and tear. Thanks for stopping by! Hope the platform helps your laundry room!

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