We bought a house!

Old New House

Yea, we are just as shocked as you are probably. There are probably a lot of people thinking we are crazy…and that is ok. God has given us so much peace and assurance during this crazy process.

Here’s how it happened. We have been browsing local real estates sites for a while, on the hunt for the perfect “fixer upper” for us. We have even looked at a few.  We have been busy preparing to get our house on the market (big day – April 5th!). 

Well, about two weeks ago Mom dropped off an article from The Huntsville Times about Merrimack Village. It has recently been added to the National Historic Register and is now a historic district. Since it was just recently added, a lot of homes are in need of LOTS of work and can be purchased for close to nothing. Seriously. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap! I thought the article was pretty cool! Then, I found the This Old House article about Merrimack, so out of curiosity I hopped on the local real estate listing site.

Before you knew it (like a few days later), we set up an appointment to check out this beauty.

This Old House

Ok. Beauty is a stretch. The word is potential. Historic. Almost-awesome. It’s after you get inside that your eyes start to burn from all of the ugly. I wish I was kidding.

Here we go. You have been warned. Prepare yourself!


Jealous, huh? Too bad. It’s under contract.

We are still hammering out details with our potential lender. Since we are buying a house super cheap and planning on spending almost twice what we paid for it on upgrades and construction, finance is a little unconventional. Hopefully we will get it all smoothed out this week. We also still have an inspection to do.

While this house is nothing short of ugly, it does have some pretty cool features. For one, it was built in 1900. You do the math. It could be our great, great, grandmother. We think that is cool!!! The house even has the original molding, doors, hardware, and floors.

Original hardware and molding, what could be more FREAKING EXCITING?! Imagine me with an overly cheesy grin shaking fist in the air because I am a dork.

The house is on the National Historic Register. Since the neighborhood is just now starting to turn around, there are some questionable areas pretty close by. The realtor set us up with three young families who have recently moved (as in last five years) to the area. We talked to them about their experiences, how they enjoy the neighborhood, crime, schools, house issues, heating bills, remodeling issues, noise, etc. Lots and lots of questions to say the least. All of the families were more than happy to talk about their experiences.

consensus = they all love it!

Merrimack is a pretty tight-knit community. Everyone knows everyone, supper clubs, neighborhood potlucks and picnics. In my head, it’s what old America looks like, where everyone helped everyone, ya know? They pretty much sold us.

So, Saturday we made an offer. A kind of low offer. Surprisingly enough, the seller accepted!! Yahoo! Now we have to do paperwork and wait. I think we are still in shock! We are set to close April 25th. We’ll see if that happens on time. It is my first home buying experience (I did not know Ryan when he bought our current house), so I am going in trying to be very patient. I will be happy if we close sometime in May 🙂

It’s crazy how peaceful we have been about this decision. I call that the Holy Spirit. You should meet him sometime if you haven’t yet. Pretty cool character!

Once we officially own the home, we have LOTS of work to do. I’m drawing out plans already! Feel free to come to a wallpaper scrapping party in May! More the merrier!

I hope you join us on this exciting new journey!


10 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Your new future home has amazing bones!! How awesome is that?! I know get to see a dream of mine unfold through you and I imagine my volunteer will be gladly appreciated!! 🙂 So happy for you both!!

  2. Love this! Our home was built in the late 1800s, with some rooms still doning the original hardwood floors, and all rooms with beautiful original crown molding, door henges/doorknobs etc too! Not quite as big of a fixer upper as yours, but stil has some work to be done too. Good luck in the upgrades/restoring. What a fun adventure! 🙂

  3. I wish we had found something like that at your age. Might still be leaving there.. It is like adopting a child. There are so many out there that just need a lot of TLC. It takes people with the want to & the pride in what they have acheived. If you need any help. Just let us know. We do still have some of that want to left.

  4. Wow! The outside really shows the overall potential. The inside shows the potential for A LOT of work! Looks like a great find though and it will be a real jaw-dropper when it’s finished I’m sure. Your blog will never lack subject material with this diamond in the rough!

  5. The house is beautiful (on the outside), but I know that you guys will make it a home. While you are working your rear ends off, just know that you are working towards a goal. Ryan, you are the man. We miss you on the field, but we know you are with us. I am praying that you are blessed daily and are given the strength to overcome the valleys. God Bless!!

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