This Old House

I guess it makes sense This Old House is my favorite magazine 🙂

Thank you all for the encouraging words about the “new” house! We are so excited about this new adventure.

I shared a few pictures the other day (all from the Valley MLS listing), but I wanted to share a little more info and about our plans for it…which seem to change everyday….so stay tuned!

The house was built in 1900 for a family who worked at the Huntsville textile mill. Before the space program came to Huntsville, the mill was where most of the residents worked. The mill actually built the homes for their workers, from our understanding. The mill closed in 1989 and was demolished in 1992. Almost 300 mill houses remain in the Merrimack Mill Village (one being ours!).

The house is currenlty a 5 bedroom, 1 bathroom (yea, one bathroom, don’t freak out) with two staircases, two fireplaces, 10 closets, and about 2,500 square feet. The house was originally built as a single family home, turned into a duplex, and then converted back to a single family home. We aren’t sure on the dates of when all of the changes took place. When we went to the court house to try and look up building permits, there were only permits for the new roof and new vinyl siding. What we did learn is that Huntsville and Madison County building permit database only goes back to the mid 80s, not very helpful when your house is 112 years old! 🙂

Bradley house closet

One of the fireplaces, which was closed at some point.

If you would like that green carpet after we pull it up, just holler 🙂

The house sits on a little over a third of an acre on a corner lot, so it’s not a huge lot, but plenty for us and our puppies. I am just going to throw it out that we aren’t really yard people. Ryan is allergic to every grass under the sun, 80% of all trees and bushes, and really anything that produces pollen. It’s been a fun few weeks at our house to say the least! I much prefer inside chores as apposed to working in the yard. It’s probably because I swet like a man and get sunburned in 30 minutes of being in the sun. Not fun.

There is a chain link fence, which we plan to upgrade down the road. There is not a garage, but there is a shed and space to build a single car garage or workshop in the future. I have never parked in a garage, so I wasn’t upset. I just wanted a place to store all of our tools and stuff. Ryan, on the other hand, had to give some serious thought to whether or not he could survive without a garage. Luckily, he came to the decision he could indeed live without one for a while! Yea!

We plan on replacing all of the windows and adding an entire HVAC system as soon as possible. It only has window units right now. YIKES! We also plan on converting the home into a 4 bedroom, three and a half bath with a small master bedroom downstairs and a large master suite upstairs (the bedroom we would use). We decided to create a master bedroom downstairs for a few reasons: more privacy for guest, a space for a parent to live with us if ever needed, and a bedroom for us to live in when we are old and can no longer walk up stairs. Yep. My brain naturally thinks about our lives fifty hears in advance. Weird. The other master and two other bedrooms are upstairs.

We are also planning on removing one fireplace and chimney for the sake of space. It will open up the first floor living space by removing it. We’ll see what happens there!

We have an inspection on Friday, so cross your fingers there are no structural issues! I will let you know how the inspection goes!

Happy Thursday! Thanks again for your encouragement 🙂

6 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. This sounds so exciting and if anyone can make it to a cozy home you can. This will let you use some of the great things you have pinned over the months. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the updates as they are in progress!! I wish you the best and good luck with the inspection.
    Ms. Diane

  2. I really like the “master bedroom downstairs for a parent to live in” idea. 🙂 Ryan parting with his garage comes genetically — he got that from both Mom and Dad!

  3. another reason to have a bedroom: if you fall and break your knee rendering yourself unable to walk / confined to a wheel chair for 8 weeks…someone i know had that happen to them…

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