Good, Bad and Ugly (pictures)

Before we get to more ugly pictures, inspection update! So as I mentioned previously, we had the inspection done last Friday. Let me just say last week could not have gone by any slower. I barely slept. I bit off all my fingernails. I had nightmares about the inspection. One nightmare consisted of discovering the house actually did not have a foundation and it was just floating 18″ off the ground. Like magic. I’m a paranoid weirdo is what that dream means.

After almost four hours of looking at the house top to bottom (and under), we were relieved to discover the 112 year old house was in pretty good shape. Awesome shape considering the age. We were surprised to hear the electrical was updated on the first floor (Wahoo – less money we have to spend!) and the plumbing was up to code. Another hurray! Foundation looks really good. Those where the inspectors exact words – “really good.” I wanted to squeal, dance and tackle high five Ryan out of excitement when he said those words, but I refrained.

The only issue that really came up (besides the things we all ready knew – replacing deck, windows, etc) was a rotten window seal and a rotten floor joist underneath that window. The storm window was broken and collecting water . The water had rotted thru the window seal, into the exterior wall and down to the floor joist. We are having a foundation specialist come take a look this afternoon to give us an estimate.

Considering the age of this home, we were pretty excited with the results! By excited I mean ridiculously ecstatic, so the inspection would be the good news.

The bad news, financing a project like this is not conventional and therefore kind of difficult. You know those really awesome interest rates going around? Yea. Not happening here. That’s even using our wonderful friend and banker (shout out to CB&S) who has spent lots and lots of time trying to make this weird loan work in our favor. While we have been approved for financing, it’s just far from ideal. That’s the bad news.

Now time for more ugly pictures! Enjoy 🙂

Fireplace 1

Fireplace 2


One of four bedrooms upstairs

The not so spacious crawl space entrance

The new entrance to the crawl space!

Ryan's butt!


There you have it! Fingers crossed the foundation specialist will not give us terrible, crazy-expensive news on replacing the floor joist.

Have a good weekend!



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