2 Days and planning…maybe…

We are still hoping to close on the New-Old House this Wednesday- more on that here, here, and here. The only thing we are waiting on right now is the underwriter. We are hoping to hear some sort of confirmation tomorrow. Key there is hoping! *Fingers crossed*

I’ve had a lot of people ask if we have a plan for renovation work. Will we go room by room? Will we gut the whole thing right off the bat? Are you crazy people going to live in it? Are you using a contractor? Are you actually doing this? Do you just lay away at night thinking about everything that needs to be done?

First off, yes we are actually doing this, and we are actually excited about it! Rare breed, I know. Second, yes, I do lie away at night thinking about everything we need to do. The first week after we made an offer, neither Ryan or I slept well. We both had nightmares about the house. Ryan had a dream just last week that Mike Holmes (our hero), from Holmes on Homes, came to our house and wanted to knock the whole house down because there was a hole in the window screen!!! Crazy, right? (Answer is yes)

So here is our plan, or plans – plural.

We’ve breaked it down into “preconstruction loan/before we sell our current house plan” and “after we sell our house/construction loan/let’s-get-on-it plan.” Lets take a look!

Obviously, the construction loan plan is really just a reader’s digest version of where we are starting with renovations, but it will give you an idea of what we have in mind. I’ve probably even missed a few things.  I think our preconstruction loan to do list will keep us plenty busy for a good 6 months, so no worries if our house doesn’t sell for 6-8 months! We have lots to do while we wait 🙂

We do plan on living in the house as much as possible when it does come time to renovate, which is why one bathroom and kitchen are first on the list to complete. If we can shower, use a toilet, and cook, we can live there. Basic needs for survival = clean water, roof, food and clothing. Hopefully Ryan’s allergies can handle the dust! The “Easter Bunny” (aka my mom) brought him a respirator in his Easter Basket (yes, I still got an Easter basket – don’t judge – mom loves me). The Easter Bunny knows Ryan has terrible, terrible allergies. The boy should live in a bubble 6 -8 months of the year. For real. Pollen. All Grass. Trees. Dust. Cats. Mold. Allergic to everything except dogs really. I bet we use more toilet paper and tissues than the Duggars.

What did you guys do this weekend? Have any to do lists for your home? I’d love to hear what you are working on in your home! Want to come scrape wallpaper soon?? Would you like a plastic bird bath? I have four 🙂



5 thoughts on “2 Days and planning…maybe…

  1. Congrats on closing this week. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? Scary too. Looks like you have a great plan here. Work, work and more work. We’ve started a refinishing job on some built-in cabinetry this weekend. I would much rather help you scrape wallpaper. HA! It’s all so fun.
    Well… I hated the “collecting quotes” part for the HVAC, electrical and roofer. It sucked up so much time and was nerve-wracking. You’re probably way more patient than me, though. Happy closing.

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog. So exciting that closing is right around the corner! I’d love to help as you get things underway- although I’m sure I wouldn’t be too effective with wallpaper removal. The birdbaths sound tempting 🙂 Looking forward to the progress!

  3. My goodness, that is a lot to do! Makes me feel better about the work we have going on! Right now, our house is a disaster zone. Furniture is moved away from the walls in most rooms with new wiring poking out of the new holes…D is working on completing that work. I’ve got the living room mostly packed up and the dining room half packed. I’m also working on picking out light fixutres. My goal this week is to finish packing the main areas and clean out the kitchen. Then, after my final on Monday, we will start moving furniture out and really painting the walls! But boy…my job is a breeze compared to what you guys have to do!

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