Out with the old (and nasty)

Day 3 – Saturday – Out with the old (and nasty) and in with…well…nothing yet. We are a long LONG way from moving anything in, but we did get a lot of stuff out today!

Ryan and I started the day off with ripping out the disgusting green carpet.

Goodbye Green Carpet

The carpet came up really easy, along with lots and LOTS of dirt. Goodness gracious. Clouds. Of. Dirt. It just required a little bit of muscle to get it started, but once we got part of the carpet going, piece of cake. Then, we got to the fireplace. *Don Don Don – scary music sound*

So, the fireplace was closed up with some sort of shelving unit?? I’m not really sure what to call it. Is it a tiny bookcase? Coffee mug storage? Climbing wall for toddlers? Who knows. Hopefully not the last option. You can see in the photo below that the shelving unit (we will go with that) is sitting on the carpet.

Cutting around the shelving didn’t work so well, so we decided just to go ahead and remove it completely. I backed away (in case something can running or flying out) and supported Ryan’s shelf removal from the doorway.

Praise the Lord! Nothing came running or flying out! Just an old, dirty fireplace.

Removing the carpet didn’t take long at all. We had all of the carpet out in 15 minutes, at most. We then made our way onto taking up the pad under neath.

Yea…so we aren’t really sure how old the carpet is…therefore we don’t know how old the pad is. I can tell you that whenever this was installed, they secured the pad into the hardwood with staples. Lots and lots of staples. Like 200 STAPLES! Into my precious old hardwood. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??

We had some wonderful helpers – our puppies Tori and Bella!! Bella thought it would be helpful to lay on the pad and carpet while we were trying to put it up…

At least we did confirm the hardwood is still there and in decent shape, if you just ignore the awful paint job and staples. Hopefully the paint will come off when we refinish the floors. *Fingers crossed*

Goodby carpet!

While Ryan and I were taking care of green carpet, my mom bravely tackled the one and only bathroom. By tackle I mean clean. I had warned her the day before that this is what I wanted her to help with. Mom could have come over and done nothing else but clean that nasty bathroom and I would have been one happy little camper.

Brave woman. It actully felt safe for human use after she finished cleaning, but she didn’t stop there. She even started a little demo action. Mom started removing the faux green tile (plastic sheet that looks like tile) from behind the door, which led to discovering this.

Moldy plywood. No need to panic people. Mold in a bathroom is a pretty normal discovery, even more normal when people who remodel or install bathrooms don’t use correct materials (like plywood behind faux tile in a bathroom). So, mom continued on with demo and took out the plywood to discover this little surprise.

Yea. Shocked us, too!! Ryan and I know that the bathroom was an addition. When the house was originally built, there was an out-house, but to find the original exterior still hanging out in the bathroom?? Not planned. Kind of cool. coolish. Almost cool. Ok, more like shocking, confusing with a hint of neat-o/cool.

We decided to leave the rest of the bathroom surprises for another day and move on else where in the house.

While the three of us were working downstairs, Dad was upstairs doing some damage (good kind) to the Tiger Room. One tiger down, one more to go!

Not only did Dad conquer a tiger, but he removed every shelf, cabinet, art piece that had been previously screwed or nailed in place by the previous owner. Look at him go!

Since my parents were so awesome to help, I treated them to a really fancy lunch….hot dogs compliments of our toaster oven. Who needs a real kitchen?!

Dad’s real work started when he began pulling up the vinyl flooring.

After pulling up part of the vinyl, we discovered particle board flooring laid on top of the original hardwood flooring. Awesome. More to scrap/dig/hammer up.

Yea. Removing that flooring was HARD work. Ryan took a stab at it after lunch. We will be working on removing the flooring for a while. We will keep you posted!!

Overall, I would call it a pretty productive Saturday! A big thanks to Mom and Dad for helping! We got a lot done, but have PLENTY more to do. We are so excited to see the ugly slowly leave 🙂 We are renting a dumpster this week so we can start taking down the ceiling tile and even some walls, yea!!

What did you do this past weekend? I’d love to hear.



11 thoughts on “Out with the old (and nasty)

  1. It’s a good thing you’ve had so much practice gutting moldy houses on the gulf coast on choir tours 🙂 Who knew it would come in handy!

  2. Wow! First of all I’m exhausted. Man, you guys did some serious tear out. Those pictures are GREAT! Good thing Ryan had a mask on while removing that lovely green carpet. I’m really disappointed you got rid of the tiger… I thought for sure you’d keep it. HA! Seriously, you guys are awesome…. and you’re parents are too. The funny thing for me is that none of these pictures, including the bathroom even shocked or terrified me. eeee, some mold, no problem. It’s all fixable. AND ITS SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH YOU CONQUER IT! Good stuff, Brittney.

  3. Hey, look like you have it undercontrol. Tell your Mom and Dad I have a project that I need help with. Is that fake brick pape on the fireplace. Your getting rid of that? I don’t think they make that any more.

  4. No I did not know she took that picture! 🙂 The bathroom even smelled clean when I was finished. 🙂 I enjoyed the demolition work except for the big bug. No mice! Amen!!

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