Hello and Goodbye

Hello Mr. Dumpster. Welcome to our front yard.

When I drove up to the house Monday after work, I was pretty darn excited to see that dumpster there, not going to lie. Dumpster = demo = removing the ugly = mission accomplished. However, my excitement quickly left when I walked closer to the dumpster and realized it spelled like poo. Complete and utter POOOOOOO.

Oh well. Either the smell has gotten better or I am used to it now because I barely noticed when we left Monday night.

So with saying hello to the dumpster, we were able to say goodbye to the beautiful ceiling tile in the front living room, kitchen, and one of the bedrooms upstairs. Hurray!

It reminds me of an office building. A really ugly, office building. Why would you want this in your house? Anywho. Goodbye ceiling tile!

It came down really easy, just a little tug. The worst part was the black dust that fell on us with each removed tile. Yuck. The fireplaces were originally coal burning, so my guess is that it is coal dust.

In about half an hour, the kitchen  ceiling looked like this:

It looks like an animal tried to move in. Not really sure.

After we took down the ceiling, Ryan went back to working on removing the vinyl and particple board upstairs (you can see here where Dad started this fun project) .

How did that get in there?? Oops 🙂

Site supervisor Bella giving her approval.

So while Ryan man handled the floor, I finished up removing the ceiling tile in the upstairs bedroom. And wallpaper. MORE WALLPAPER.

Mom helped me get started with removing tile and wallpaper on Saturday. All I had left to do was move the giant pile of trash downstairs. Hmmm. How do you get a giant pile of crap from the second floor to the dumpster outside when the windows don’t open?? You hurl it down the stairs. That is what you do. Or that’s what I did.

Worked pretty well. I kind of scared the dogs though. You can see supervisor Bella running for cover.

While Bella did not approve of my hurling-crap-down-the-stairs technique, she did approve of our donation pile. Thanks, Bella!

Good day at the new-old house. Day 5 complete.


14 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye

  1. Yeah on the dumpster!! I hope you do not find critters hiding in the stuff in the ceiling, especially mice! EEK!!

  2. Looking at that first picture you would never guess that SO MUCH had to be done to the inside of the home. Forgive me if you’ve mentioned this already… but was someone living there before you guys got it? We found a few lovely rats nests when we tore our walls out. It’s a weird feeling to think that little critters were living in your home. ( and not helping with the mortgage!) Fun to watch this!

  3. Hi Brittney!
    Your mom shared your blog site with me. I am SO impressed with what you are tackling. I just have to say, oh. my. goodness. You are brave, but it will be SO worth it! I would love to see the finished product someday! It will be fun to see what you might find in that old house — I mean ‘neat stuff, not ‘gross stuff’. 🙂 There used to be a show on HGTV called something like, “If These Old Walls Could Talk,” — they would find very cool stuff in these old houses that helped tell the story of the house. Anyway, good luck with everything. Your blog is great! Give your mom a hug from me — especially for cleaning that nasty bathroom, right???
    Take Care.
    Your old Alabama/Now Kansas Friend, Linda

    • Hey Linda!!!! Thank you for visiting 🙂 It is a thin line between brave and stupid, hopefully we fall onto the brave side, ha! I will be sure to give mom a hug. Feel free to follow our entire progress on here.

      • Yes, I’d like to come see it. We might be able to use it! Steven also wants to check out your trim and moulding since your house looks more intact than ours. Just email me about a good time for us to come by 🙂

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