Breaking News!

Attention ladies and gentleman. There is a wall down in the Saffell house. I repeat – WALL DOWN. I need you to stop what you are doing and look at these pictures. STAT.

It took almost 12 hours of hammer and crowbar action, but it finally happened.

*Please forgive the photo quality & lighing – it was rainy and cloudy – and we do not have lights on the first floor*

I spent a couple hours Tuesday morning and all day Thursday chipping hammering away at it. Mom came and worked with me Thursday, along with the puppies of course. Mom will probably be upset she is in this photo. I see this just as more proof she is the best mom ever (thanks Mom)!

Since this is all tongue and grove, we have to remove each piece individually. None of this HGTVhammerthroughthewallandbedonewithdemointhirtyminutesnonsense. Each piece of tongue and grove must be taken of seperately, attempting not to break it into a dozen pieces. We are trying to salvage some of the tongue and grove and beadboard to reuse in the house. Key is SOME. So far we have been able to salvage about 30-40%. I can’t say if that is good or bad, but it is much better than none!!

Bella has to approve our salvage pile of course.

Now, removing a wall is really like removing two walls, because you have to remove all the tongue and grove from both sides, hence why it took 12+ hours for one wall.

Seeing through the wall was pretty glorious! By the end of the day Thursday, we had this!

HURRAY! Now, do you see something wrong in the photo above? Anything? Common now. No? Ok, let’s take a closer look.

So yea. That’s the door framing…yea…most people these days like to secure framing you know. Apparantly it was not necessary in 1900. Proof it’s not load bearing wall I guess…

I was pretty pumped (and pretty dirty) to see it go.

I did have one little temper tantrum on Thursday…a momentary loss of composure because of this little piece of molding here.

See all of those nails? ALL SIX OF THEM. That is a two inch piece of molding. TWO INCHES WIDE.  WHY?!

While I was trying to pry off this tiny piece of chair rail, the wood just kept flaking into pieces. Lots of pieces. Like any person would do, I just began to whack it with my hammer out of frustration. There might have even been some grunting. Mom noticed my almost-mental-break and told me to back away from the molding. So I glared at it one more time, put the hammer down, and stepped away slowly. I then looked at the clock to see it was 4 o’clock. I knew the problem. I’m surprised I hadn’t collapsed from exhaustion because I MISSED SNACK TIME. No Joke. If I don’t eat every 3-4 hour I get cranky, like a two year old with nap time or Ryan without bacon, . It’s not a pretty sight. I collected myself, ate some wheat thins, and quickly recovered from my aggresive state.

Ryan came after work and started removing the beautiful vinyl flooring in the front living room.

Poor hardwood!

It blows my mind that people put vinyl on top of hardwood. Just look at all that glue we have to scrape/sand off. Blah!

Of course Bella is helping Ryan.

We’ll that’s all for progess this week. We are off to work at the house today!! 🙂 Peace.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News!

  1. Still enjoying reading your blog! I feel like I’m there learning with you. The wall being gone opens up that room so much. Amazing potential! Unbelievable about the vinyl on the hardwood. Why…Why…WHY???!! would anyone think that was OK- ever?!

    Keep the posts coming. Maybe soon Matt and I can get a babysitter and come help ya’ll demo! Looking forward to more progress 🙂

  2. Loving reading your blog. It’s great with that wall being gone- it opens up that room so much. I can see the potential already. And about the vinyl over the hardwood- why, Why, WHY?! would anyone think that was ok- EVER?! Maybe soon we can get a babysitter and we can come over and help demo. Please keep the posts coming. I feel like I’m learning right there with you 🙂

  3. For the record it was just a mild temper tantrum. 🙂 We both got a good laugh out of it!! You are very welcome my dear. What others call insane, we call fun!! 🙂

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