And The Best Grandparents’ Award goes to….

MINE. That’s who.  Let’s meet them, shall we?

My Grandma

My Papa

They VOLUNTEERED to come scrape wall paper! I’m not sure if Grandma was completely serious at first, but be warned – if you volunteer to help us work on the house WE WILL take you up on it, sooner rather than later 🙂

Grandma and Papa spent half of Saturday scraping off four or five layers of wall paper in the future living room.

They definitely made progress on the wall paper situation. Look! That’s a whole five feet of wall with no wall paper. Yea!!!

Lots more to go! While my grandparents scraped wall paper, Ryan and I got busy taking down the wall between the stairs. I let Dad take over for me when my parents got there. Ya’ll, on Saturday my Dad morphed into some kind of crazy demolition BEAST. For real. He was like taking down walls with his bare hands. There was wood flying left and right. Coal dust galore. It was pretty awesome to watch.

Here are the stairs, one last time, before demo began.

Isn’t that black plastic covering just lovely? I know you are all jealous. It’s ok.

Let me tell you one more thing before we jump into stair wall demo. We were told before buying the house that the wall between the stairs was added after the house was built and was built so it sits on top of the stairs. Keep that  in mind as we go through the next photos, k?

Stair wall demo began with a lot of excitement, but was dampened when we realized the wall was NOT built on top of the stairs, but thru them. Kind of a bummer. Actually, not kind of. It was a bummer. Add fixing to the stairs to our growing list of things to do 🙂

I’m going to call this the stair’s glamour shot. You can see how wide the stairs will be now that the wall is gone…69″ wide if you would like to know. Much better than the previous 30″ per stair, hmm? (yes)

After the stairs, Dad took on one of the fireplaces. This fireplace we plan to expose the entire brick fireplace all the way around. The wall will be removed, so all that’s left is a walk around fireplace. Last chance to view the fireplace before Dad attacks!

Here is where things start to get a little scary.

Eek!! The inside of the fireplace was not nearly was pretty as we were hoping for. We had no idea what the inside would look like with the wall down, but we are optimist 🙂

Don’t even get me started on the coal dust.

The brick was as pretty as I hoped though! The view from the future dining room into living room was pretty awesome.

Ok, so it’s slowly working its way towards awesome. Baby steps. Lots of progress for one Saturday. Thank you to my family helping out! Also, thank you to anyone and every one who is supporting our adventure! We are excited to be sharing it with you all.

What did you do this weekend? Any demo action? Fireplace drama? Peace and quiet? 🙂


9 thoughts on “And The Best Grandparents’ Award goes to….

  1. I cannot believe you got so much done in ONE day! What a great family you have – and all willing to help!!! Blessings on all of you as you meet each new challenge. It will be great to watch the progress…

  2. Ok, I’m sort of stunned and don’t know where to begin. Why would anyone narrow a stairway? Were the stairs on the other side just completely hidden and blocked off? Are they split in the middle? INSANE! The width of those stairs ROCKS! I can’t imagine anyone doing that. The fireplace/brick is going to be breathtaking in that room. Talk about modern and hip. Good grief you are unveiling some pretty amazing things in this house. No wonder you wanted it… so much potential! Your grandparents are adorable and you’re very lucky to have so much support. Loving all this action and progress!

  3. It looks like you are doing good. We started a refurbish job of our own this weekend. We bought a 1969 31′ International Soveregin Airstream. All in all she is in pretty good shape. She was pretty dirty. She had been under a pecan tree. Steve is excited. He has something to do.

  4. WOW! You were able to get so much done! What awesome grandparents you have to come over and help! Pulling up wallpaper is definitely no fun — I’m sure it was nice to have some help!

  5. Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed isnt working today. I tried including it to my Yahoo reader account but got nothing.

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