Give me a T!

Give me an ERM! Give me an ITES! What do you we have? T-ERM-ITES! *The crowd goes wild*

I might be the only person who is actually thankful for termite damage. Confused? I can explain.

Before we purchased the home, we had a home inspection (mentioned here) done. The biggest concern that came up was water damage around a window (the storm window was broken and collecting water – awesome), the footers underneath the window, and the foundation beam underneath the window. Let’s just call is the “Bad Wall.”

Here’s the Bad Wall in all it’s glory.

Immediately following the inspection, we had a foundation specialist and carpenter come out and give us an estimate to repair the damage. Not a big deal. It has to be fixed, no reason to get upset by the hefty estimate. Repairing the damage was going to cost right at $4,000. We knew we could not afford to repair the damage immediately, so it would have to wait until we had the construction loan.

Alright, back to termites. Our first Saturday working on the house, I’m working downstairs, my parents are working upstairs. She yells down to me asking me to come up and take a look at something. I don’t think anything about it. I walk up the still very narrow stairs to find mom examining a window. Mom then points out the tiny ant-like critters with wings crawling around the window sill. I then googled what termites look like on my phone.

Here’s my thought process “Hmm. What do you termites actually look like? *Insert google images* CRAP. Termites kind of look like ants with wings. Ugh.”

Monday morning I call Cooks to have them come out and look. They do not see any indications of active termites, but they do find a lot of damage in the downstairs bedroom. Ryan and I just thought it was all water damage (and lack of attention from renters).  Boy, we were wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Thankfully the house has a termite bond meaning Cooks is checks the house regularly for termites and will cover the cost of any termite damage. Repeat – COOKS WILL COVER THE ENTIRE COST OF TERMITE DAMAGE. This is where I begin my termite cheers!

So, this Tuesday a contractor comes out to begin working on the damage. Because there was damage in the floor, he had to remove some of the hardwood. Initially, plan A was to leave the existing hardwood and just replace the needed hardwood boards. Since we were already planning on sanding and refinishing the floors, it was a pretty easy task. The contractor and his crew get to work on removing the damaged floors…which led him to discover more termite damage on the hardwood underneath (so we have hardwood on top of hardwood). He tells me he has to rip up the entire top layer of hardwood to look at the hardwood underneath. My response “Ok, whatever you need to do.” My thoughts – “As long as Cook’s pays for everything, I don’t really care what all you have to do. Looks like I am getting new free floors.”

He uncovers the second layer of hardwood. Oh. My. Goodness. So much termite damage. He then begins to remove the second layer of hardwood, uncovering a THIRD LAYER OF HARDWOOD which is completely eaten away by termites. So much damage!! I mean, these termites must have had a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast on this floor. For real.

The removes the third layer of hardwood and finally gets to the sub floor, also damaged, and rips that up to. Now, this is the same room where the water damage is also. The contractor then tells us that the beam under the window also has termite damage, but is mainly water damage, but Cooks may cover it because part of it is termites (the contractor also can’t put the room back together without that beam fixed). His team calls it a day and we wait for the Cooks inspector to come give the contractor the go ahead to fix it.

Cooks comes. Cooks said go ahead. I do a happy dance inside.

So the beam and footings that we were going to replace because of water damage, will now be replaced by Cooks. FREE TO US. We are paying the contractor to go ahead and add additional footers under the kitchen (which is more preventative than anything) since the floor is already up making it a heck of a lot cheaper.

So this is why I am currently running around the house doing termite cheers. Ok. Not really, but I am grateful for the termites and for Cooks.

Have you ever had termite damage? Water damage? I know there have been much worse stories than ours!! I’d love to hear your stories 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend,


6 thoughts on “Give me a T!

  1. Wow that was a full-on feast! Thank goodness you guys are covered. I’d be doing a “someone else is going to pay for it” cheer, too! We had termite damage in our last house but nothing active. My guess is the little winged termite you saw was just from them swarming right now. Night before last the termites were swarming so bad that I had to literally run from my car to the front door of the grocery store and they were in my hair, etc. They get CRAZY here in Texas. We’re always on the look out for those little mud trails. I’m a paranoid freak about termites. Glad your story has a happy ending!

  2. I have never seen termite damage that severe. If you live in the South you need to be covered by a termite bond. Be careful with termite companies because not all will cover termite damage as Cooks’ has. Some companies will only treat for termites after they are found.

  3. Holy cow! I’ve never known anyone to get excited about termite damage before! That’s awesome that you get new upgrades for free! I can only imagine how excited we would be too. Good luck with all the repairs! Can’t wait to see how the new floors turn out 🙂

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