9 days

Wednesday afternoon I get a call from a realtor asking to show the house Thursday at 1 pm. I say that is not a problem, show away! The realtor then explains the family is closing on the sell of their home at the end of the month and needed to be in quickly *insert large gulp* I ask “How soon?” The realtor says “May 29th.” I stay calm. I breathe deeply. I reply, “that’s not a problem, we can be out in 10 days.” I keep breathing. My gut says this is it. God said this is it. He said “I am here” in the clearest voice to date.

Thursday, I get up, go to work (I started a new job this week by the way), and try not to puke. Success. No puking. 1 o’clock comes and goes. I glance at my phone every 5-10 minutes. Finally, 4:30 my phone rings. It is the realtor. With an offer. It’s happening.

The offer was a little lower than we were comfortable with, so we counter. We get advice on the counter offer from my Dad (business man) and a realtor friend (who we bought the old friend from- we love her). Then we wait.

Thankfully we had plans with some great friends last night and I had a friend in town staying with us. It helped make the waiting less painful.

11:30 the realtor calls with a final counter. We ACCEPT!!!!!!

We have to be out of our house in 9 days. 9.

You have seen pictures of the other house. Living there isn’t possible yet. The room I thought we would finish and live in is the one with termite damage. So yea. There goes that.

We do not know where we are moving yet. We have a few days to pack and figure that out. It has all happened a lot later than we ever expected, but we are so grateful for the way everything has fallen into place.

All who want to help us move are welcome next Saturday! πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “9 days

  1. Hang it there… it’s meant to happen this way! We sold our old house in 4 days and had to be out in 30… the day we “had” to moved into our new, the electricians weren’t even finished and we had 2 light bulbs in the whole house and no hot water. I’m sending you good thoughts, and LOTS OF strength and patience. Bless you heart, a new job too, that’s a lot for someone to take all at once. I feel for you, but again… it’s the way it’s suppose to go. It will all work out and you’ll have such good stories to tell from it! Best of luck over the next 9 days! πŸ™‚

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