SOLD! and our For Sale by Owner process….

SOLD! We are officially no longer the owners of 1?2?3 Wade Road!! Hurray! We closed on the sell our previous house yesterday afternoon. One monkey off our back. *Insert Back-to-one-mortgage-happy-dance*

We gave the buyers early occupancy, so they actually moved into the house a week before we closed. They were closing on the sell of their home at the end of May (hence the time crunch for us to move out) and we were really stressed out happy to make that happen. We even let them live there for free for a week because we really wanted to sell our house are really nice 🙂

Ryan and I did try to protect ourselves as much as possible in our counter offer. We also got a little advice from a realtor friend (highly recommend having a realtor friend when going the for sale by owner route) before sending the counter offer. We were happy to give them early occupancy, but we didn’t want to be taken advantage of just in case closing was pushed back (ours did closed on schedule – we must be really lucky!!), so we included a clause which limited free early occupancy to two weeks. Also, we also included a clause (I’m not sure what the right term is so we are just going to go with clause) that any repair request that come from the home inspection much be able to be completed before they occupied the house. I was really the pusher for this. Ryan thought it was a little harsh. My thinking was, “Um, EXCUSE ME, we are moving an entire house in 9 days, there is no way in x!jsfd*#s$ (pardon) that we are going to have time to make ANY repairs. I sure as heck am NOT coming back to the house to fix something with them LIVING IN IT.” *Insert head swivel and finger snap* We also sold the house for the lowest we could while still breaking even, so we didn’t have money to fix anything major. I thought I was kind of genius for including it…

Honestly, I was not expecting them to send us a repair list with such a tight schedule. I really, really wasn’t…but they did. Sunday evening around 8 pm (Memorial Day weekend might I add), I get an email from the realtor saying she dropped off the repair list from the buyers. My response was something like this…

“WHAT?!?!?! A repair LIST?! Are you kidding me? We officially move out TOMORROW. What jerks!” I was not a happy camper to say the least. Ryan and I actually moved 90% of our belongings on Saturday, thanks to some of our wonderful friends (love you!). So, Monday morning we head back to the house to check out the list and grab the last of our things.

We ready our lovely repair list. Soon after my head exploded. I could actually feel heat radiating from my face. I was not a pleasant person to be around that morning. I referred to the people buying our house as “punks” all day. I made comments like, “Those punks who bought are house had the nerve to give us a freaking repair list.” Blah Blah Blah.

Thankfully, because we put in the clause about repairs having to be ABLE to be completed before occupancy, *pat myself on the back* all we did was change out a door knob as requested. Saffells – 1, Buyers  0. 

After that was all hammered out, there was no more drama. Then, we finished up moving the last of our things from the Wade House….

and moved into our temporary home.

We saved a good chunk of moo-la by selling our house For Sale by Owner (around $8,000). For anyone who is interested or thinking about giving it a try, we listed our house on It is a site that ables you to list your home on and your local mls site (where the majority of prospective homeowners and realtors find listings) for a fee. We paid $299 and we able to list 6 pictures on each website, as well as 12 pictures on the mlsmyhome main site.  The fee also includes tools to create your own flyer. You do work through a broker whose names appears on both sites and is in charge of actually uploading your information to the mls sites. Other than that, he/she doesn’t do anything. You do NOT pay the broker a sales commission!! Your one time fee covers all of his/her time. There were some additional fees for uploading extra pictures and hosting an open house, which was kind of annoying, but hey….still a heck of a lot cheaper than paying a realtor 6%.

One thing other thing I would encourage all of those considering for sale by owner to do is purchase a lock box of some sort. We opted for a combination lock that only cost us about $20. None of the realtors complained about the combination lock (we simply gave them the combination when they called to schedule a showing), and then we didn’t have to worry about running to home to open the door, leaving the door unlocked for an hour and no one actually come, etc.

Overall, our for sale by owner experience was a positive one. I am happy to answer questions people may have.  Another good reference about for sale by owner experience is Our Humble A{bowe}d. I actually used several of her suggestions! They sold their house in a week!!! I thought selling ours in six weeks was pretty crazy!!

Ryan and I are planning on getting work done at the house tomorrow, then getting together with friends for a fish fry. What are you doing this weekend? Hope you have a good one!

2 thoughts on “SOLD! and our For Sale by Owner process….

  1. Congrats on selling your house yourselves! Isn’t that a satisfying moment? We had a few agents tell us we were crazy with our pricing, but it wasn’t an issue at all. Glad you could use some of our tips!

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