New career: Live in Home Stager

Do you know anyone who has sold two houses in three weeks and is NOT a realtor? No one? Well, now you do…because we have…or at least we have been living in the houses while they sold.

Crazy, right? Yea…we think so, too. We have been living here a little over two weeks, and the owners received an offer last week. Ryan and I are thrilled they received an offer. We really, REALLY are. I promise! Now, would we hate living here another two or three months? Um, negative Roger. Negative, but that’s not plan. We are moving in two weeks. *Insert sarcastic fist pump*

Ryan and I actually find the whole situation pretty funny. This story will be even funnier in 5 years. It will be down-right-hilarious in 15 years. In forty years, we will be picking out our nursing home and probably peeing on ourselves laughing so hard from thinking about it. At least that’s we hope. Really terrible stories are funny later, right? 🙂

It’s not even a terrible situation, slightly inconvenient, sure, but not bad. Worse things could totally happen.

As far as our career as “Live in Stagers,” we aren’t really exaggerating. We are moving into our good friend’s empty condo that they just put on the market (again). They have purchased another home and are living there, so we are going to do everything we can to make the condo look nice, maybe even help sell it. We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed we can live there at least six weeks!! 😉

Ryan and I got some more demo done this weekend, woot woot! It felt really good to be back at the new-old house working. I’ve been missing the coal dust! haha. What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? Productive? Hope you had a nice weekend, whatever you were doing.



3 thoughts on “New career: Live in Home Stager

  1. Yes, as the owner of that condo you’re staying in that we’re trying to sell for the third time… third time’s a charm right? I’m torn… I do want you to be able to stay as long as you need it and would hate for you to turn around in 3 weeks and have to move again… but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. If by some miracle it does sell while you’re there we’re taking you guys to a fancy shmancy restaurant and helping you move to the next place. 🙂

    • Third?! I was thinking it was only the second! Goodness. I hope you get an offer at full asking price in about 8 weeks, with 30-45 days till closing!! If it faster than that, I will take your fancy meal offer AND help moving 🙂

      • Yup, we tried selling once before you entered our lives…. and we tried last year and this makes the third try… but yes I’m good with 8 weeks full asking price (which we’ll still have to bring a lot of money to the table, but we’ll be done with it finally!) and 30 to 45 days till closing… we’ll still take you to dinner if it sells. 🙂 That is if we have any money left. lol… j/k no we’ll be fine b/c then we won’t have two mortgages to pay anymore!! 🙂

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