Termites: The Return to Merrimack Village

Who knew there would be a sequel to the termites? And can you believe we found them on the SECOND floor? According to Cook’s, our termite protection company whom we now love, this is pretty unheard of. He didn’t give me a reason why they don’t usually eat their way to the second floor, so let’s ponder shall we? maybe termites eat too much wood on the first floor and are then too full (and lazy) to crawl up to the second story? Perhaps a fear of heights? Maybe wood taste different on the second floor? Who knows. Despite the fact it doesn’t happen often, it’s happening here… or did happen here. The termite damage is old (no active termites).

Termite Damage

*Forgive terrible photos – when we work, there is so much dust in the air, you literally see it in the photos (and with bare eyes – GROSS)*

We discovered the termite damage on the second floor of the “bad/crooked wall” while we were removing the tongue and grove planks. Ryan and I both agreed we wanted to gut the room completely because of the water and termite damage on the first floor and the water damage in the room itself. Neither of us wanted to miss anything! We begin to tear the tongue and grove down and about three pieces later – BOOM – termite damage!

These termites must have invited their whole family over for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner because they even ate the back of my beloved tongue and grove planks (shame on you termites).

We later found mold, too. I’ won’t make you look at it. You’re welcome.

The fact that all of this termite damage went without notice so long is mind blowing. How do you not notice insects eating your house?!

Anywho, we gave our Cook’s contractor a buzz on Saturday,and they took care of repairs Monday morning.

Have we mentioned we love Cook’s? We have been nothing but happy with their service (and the contractor’s) the past few weeks. I seriously include them in my giving-thanks-prayers. No joke. I am not sure what we would have done if they had not covered the cost of repairs.

Hopefully the next time I mentioned termites it will be when I show you the completed “Termite room.” *Fingers crossed* Any guesses why termites USUALLY don’t make their way to the second floor? I’m sure you can come with some guesses much better than mine 🙂

9 thoughts on “Termites: The Return to Merrimack Village

  1. What you possibly have is the leftovers of a “secondary infestation”…. a termite colony that is actually living in/on the home, rather than traveling up to your home from a colony underground. This usually happens when there is a leak or other water damage in the home. This could be considered a rare occurrence because regular maintenance of a home should prevent termites before they get this bad, as well as prevent the leaks.

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  5. Termites of lower family (Rhinotermitidae) – Heterotermes and Coptotermes also Reticulitermes can attack top floors unlike subterranean Odontotermes Microtermes species.
    The former group can have satellite queens, can infest top floors.

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