Raise the Roof…err…ceiling

As the exterior wall, tongue and groove demolition party continues, we have made our way upstairs (hello more termites) and have exposed the area above the kitchen ceiling. It’s pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. The kitchen (and bathroom) were added on to the house – not really sure when. I knew the ceiling was vaulted from the roof pitch outside, but I didn’t realize how awesome it looked from inside…until last week.

But, before I share with you the awesomeness that could be the vaulted ceiling in our future kitchen *squeal*…let’s play a game called “What does not belong with this photo?”

I will give you a hint.

Ryan and I were poking around at the ceiling above the stairs (under what will be the master closet, if that makes sense) when we saw bricks. A giant stack of bricks. There was a lot questions like, “Do you see that? Are my eyes really seeing what I think I’m seeing? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” There was also lots of head scratching, confused looks back and forth to one another, and heavy sighing before running to the kitchen.  The bricks were coming from the only possible room from that angle: the kitchen.

After finally admitting to myself that I was indeed staring at a brick column of sorts, I ran to the kitchen and start taking beadboard down trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I quickly got the proof I needed there was a brick column, about 18″ by 18″, going from floor ceiling right in the middle of the kitchen. It was hiding in the wall/closet between the kitchen and laundry room. The kitchen and laundry room are both so small, it is hard to get a picture that is helpful, so I whipped this floor plan to try to help.

We showed the brick column to the contractor working on the termite damage. His guess was it used to be the chimney for a wood burning stove in the kitchen. That makes sense, right?  Ryan and I thought so. We will now be referring to the column of bricks in the kitchen as a chimney from now on. That makes THREE brick chimneys. THREE! It’s too bad it is right-snack-dab in the middle of our future kitchen. Let’s add removing a chimney to our to do list….awesome….

Now, back to the raise the roof ceiling party.

That is our above ceiling view of the kitchen. Pretty sweet, huh? Ok. Maybe not yet. Right now it’s just a nest for spiders and things I don’t want to think about, but it COULD be awesome. Can you see the potential for a vaulted ceiling? I hope you can see what I see.

I’ve been looking around for vaulted ceiling inspiration the past week, hoping it would help me decide if I really like the look of a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, will it be worth the trouble, etc. Verdict?

I LOVE IT!! Here’s a few of my favorite inspiration photos.

The last one is my FAVORITE! Totally digging that blue island, too.

So what do you guys think of the vaulted ceiling? Are you drooling over the photos like I am? Anyone else worrying about how the heck you install lighting in that sucker? I am. The vaulted ceiling would make for a little extra work, but we already planned on removing the existing ceiling in the kitchen (it’s nasty, sagging, and just plain gross), so why not go ahead one more step (or three, or twelve) and vault it? We will keep you posted as we do more research on how to actually make it happen!

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

Images were found on pinterest. Sources for images can be found here, here, and here. I was not able to track down all of the images. Forgive me.


12 thoughts on “Raise the Roof…err…ceiling

  1. The last was my favorite too before I even saw it was yours!! Lots and lots of potential!! I am sure you will something creative to do with the brick from the chimney. 🙂

  2. As I was reading my first thought was “chimney”… and there you go! We had several “hidden” chimneys in our old house. I love the vaulted ceiling plan and the last picture is jaw dropping. What are you worried about in terms of the lighting?
    I am again in total awe of what you guys are doing and how well you handle it all. You’re so brave to tackle such a huge project. I actually thought about you the other day because of your termites. We are having to deal with a bug problem of our own. CHINCH bugs eating our lovely yard. Good grief, they are destructive little creatures. For something so small… they really tear it up! Thanks for the update!

    • Ha, I think everyone now associates us with termites 🙂 You have all kinda of crazy bugs in Texas!!!! Goodness!

      As far as lighting, I just didn’t want to be limited to track lighting. Based on some of the photos I’ve seen, installing recessed lighting and pendants shouldn’t be a problem though. I am just really good at worrying 🙂

      • Oh, I see what you’re thinking! I worry about the same kind of stuff. I think you’ll be good. And it will be amazing!

        Yes, we’re so lucky here in Texas. If it ain’t the mosquitoes, it’s the termites, cinch bugs and tree roaches. It’s a little slice of heaven! We’re having the yard sprayed tomorrow (which I hate – against pesticides!) but I’m also against my new lawn being eaten away! Fun times we’re both having. 🙂

  3. Maybe we should start a tri-chimney club, haha! It is interesting that you found one in the kitchen; I’ve not heard of another house with one there. The vaulted ceiling idea is great, so open and airy! Pretty sure I remember falling in love with that blue island over on Houzz.com.

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