This is how we move it

Moving day has come again! This time we say goodbye to the snazzy large house….

to a much more modest condo, which is also for sale. We are so thankful for friends and family who help us move, and provide us with pretty-much-free housing. I told Ryan if we keep moving every month, we will have to make more friends. One more move and we will have rotated through all of our friends, ha!

This move was actually much less stressful than the last. The majority of our belongings were still packed, so there wasn’t that much to pack. Maybe it was the wine that made it less stressful….

We spent most of the week moving stuff into a storage unit. The condo is the smallest place we have yet to live, so all of our stuff won’t fit. How have we accumulated so much stuff already is beyond me.

First world problem – too much stuff to move.

Bella doesn’t seem to mind moving!

There aren’t any major updates at the New-old house. We have hired out my brother for a few weeks to help keep demo on track. We will keep you posted!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!





2 thoughts on “This is how we move it

  1. Third time is a charm! Wine always makes things a little better… (great shot)
    Showing a very happy Bella here made me think of the “getting out of the fence” incident. I guess the “new” place is secure for your babies? I hope so and I hope you guys settle in quickly. Great having your brother help, no doubt.
    P.S. Now I’ve got that song in my head!! HA!

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