BIG Reveal (kinda)

Gah, this whole moving thing really puts a damper on house work at the New-Old house, and our overall energy in general. Man, we are T-I-R-E-D!! Even though my brother has been working at the new-old house some, there is nothing really exciting going on over there. Just the same-ole-same-ole-tongue-and-groove-remove-repeat.  We are also still trucking along with our estimate collections…chuga-chuga-chuga…I really didn’t think collecting estimates would take an eternity this long. Hopefully we will have some news to share soon!

On a positive note, we have successfully unpacked and cleaned the condo (aka – our new & temporary home)!!!! Yay!! It is clean and ready for someone to walk in and make an offer. Hopefully not this week. Or next week. Next month would really work better for me 🙂

I do have one BIG, really exciting thing to share! Well, I think it’s exciting. Hopefully you will, to.

You ready?

Can I get a drum roll please?

Yep, it is THAT exciting.

I promise. Drum Roll….

How about FLOOR PLANS for the New-Old house??!! Are you disappointed? I hope not because I am pretty freaking excited about them. Here we go.

It is a four bedroom, three and a half bath coming in right at 2,500 square feet. Ryan and I have been tweaking the layout since we bought it, but this is the just of it. Some things may change as we go, but this plan is our jumping point. We have already started giving out plans to electricians, framers, sheet rock guys, etc. which makes it all feel so official! Like, “Oh my gosh, this is really going to happen!!”

I am SO excited about getting to design our own home top to bottom!! It’s a dream coming true. Actually, this whole house is a dream come true. We love this old house already and it is still just a old, dirty, torn up mess!

I will be back later this week with the current floor plan so we can compare the two, see all the changes we will be making, and get your input on a few things!! What do you think of the floor plan? Have you ever remodeled a house before? Anything you didn’t do and wish you did or vice versa? I would love any advice you have to share!!

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of the week!



9 thoughts on “BIG Reveal (kinda)

  1. Is it an option to go out a few feet where the laundry is located and have a dedicated laundry room? My washer and dryer are in the kitchen in a closet and I wish I had an actual room of some sort. Love the plans and can’t wait to see the real deal!

  2. Are you going to use pocket doors anywhere? I know that may be difficult to work in, but I would have put more pocket doors in our home especially in the bathrooms and closet entries. You know I love them!! It is going to be wonderful!!

  3. If that pantry is as big as it LOOKS… then I would be happy to stop there and not finish the rest of the house!! (kidding) Seriously, though… it looks like a great plan. I’m sure you’ll tweak some things here and there but what a wonderful space … lots of sq. footage which is so nice. We have 2600 and it’s just perfect. Yay for plans!… I can feel your excitement.

  4. It’s going to be awesome! Between Ryan’s engineering skills and your interior design / crafty / artsy skills, I know it’ll turn out absolutely beautiful… and it’ll be 100% YOURS! Not some cookie cutter home builder home. Can’t wait to see it progress.

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