The Original Floor Plan

Happy Weekend! In case you were curious, the temperature in Huntsville, Alabama today is close to 105 degrees. Um, Yuck. It’s terrible. Like, I don’t want to leave my house. I want to crank up the air conditioning, click my heels three times, and pretend it’s Fall. Or Winter. Or Spring. Ok, every season EXCEPT SUMMER!!!! On a normal day, I would complain about the Alabama summer heat and say something like, “I am moving to Colorado!! It’s always nice in Colorado” but they are having forest fire troubles, so I think I will just have to keep my toasty butt in Alabama. Oh, well.

Since it has been SOOO hott the past few days, Ryan and I decided to forgo working on the house and opted to take care of some shopping and pricing we needed for our construction estimate. It was a nice little break from our usual dirty work on Saturdays. I can’t remember the last Saturday I wasn’t covered in coal dust or sweat! Ha!

Anywho. Enough complaining about how hot is it. The other day I shared our new floor plan (YAY!), so today I want to share the New-old house original floor plan.

One of the first things you probably notice is ALL of the doors to the outside. Since the house was built as a duplex, it makes sense there would be FIVE exterior doors. I’m not gonna lie. If you walk up to our house, it is a little confusing. With two porches and three what could potentially be front doors, how the heck is someone supposed to know where to go? We are planning to cure that problem with a new fence layout and landscaping, but that is way down the road. Check back on landscaping in 2016! šŸ™‚

Did you notice that the kitchen and laundry room are the same size? Lovely. Or that the bathroom is located right off the dining room? Nothing makes me hungrier than the sound of a toilet flushing!! What I didn’t note on the floor plan is you can access the downstairs bedroom from the laundry room, the stairs, AND the living room. Not a lot of privacy there.

Here is the original second floor.

All of these bedrooms upstairs are actually a really good size, like 15 x 16 and 14 x 15. To put that in perspective, most new construction homes have a master bedroom around 14 x 14 and other bedrooms 10 x 12. Compared to new construction, these rooms are HUGE!! While the rooms are huge, the closets are tiny. Like tiny, tiny, blink-too-fast-you-might-not-see-them. Most aren’t deep enough to hang clothes in. Seriously. I’m not sure how people put clothes in them to be honest. Apparantly it hasn’t bothered anyone for 112 years, though!

Let’s look at the new floor plan again.

Sign. Bathrooms. Open layout. An real master closet. Only three doors to the outside. I can’t wait to live in you!

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend! Stay cool.


6 thoughts on “The Original Floor Plan

  1. Heard you had some really good working helping this weekend! Can’t wait to see this house as it goes along.

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