Bringin’ Down the House

Ryan has been busy this week bringin’ down the house ceiling (or ceilings? not sure if it’s singular or plural) in the kitchen and bedrooms upstairs. It has been some of the dirtiest work to date, and I have pictures to prove it!! Before we jump to the embarrassing photos of me and Ryan, here’s the run down on removing ceilings.

Just like all of our walls, the ceilings are made of tongue and grove and bead board. Instead of pulling down each plank piece by piece with a hammer and crowbar (how we removed the walls), Ryan opted for a much faster way of removal. He got in the attic and cut the boards with his reciprocating saw. Then, he crab crawled his way around the attic and kicked the ceiling down. Now, I got in the attic ONCE and thought I was going to die trying to get down. For real. When your life depends on the ability to chair lift your body weight down to the ladder, there are some series issues. There isn’t one of those handy pull-down ladders, just a 2′ by 2′ opening that you pop the cover off and put a ladder under. SCARY! We both thought I might be stuck in the attic forever, ha!  

Point of the story – I will not be going into the attic unless my life literally depends on it or we have a pull down ladder. Hopefully it is the later. I don’t mind missing out on working in the attic because IT. IS. HOT. Holly Moley. Ryan has been SWEATY, like super-duper-nasty sweaty. Over 100 degree temperatures for two weeks = very hot attic. While Ryan did not enjoy the heat so much, I think he did enjoy getting to kick the heck out of things….

Ryan demoing ceiling

Here’s a play by play of the ceiling upstairs coming down. Step 1 –

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 – BOOM

Ceiling down!!

I wish we could keep all the ceilings (I say that about everything!), but they are sagging, some have a little bit of water damage, and we need to a little bit of framing work in the attic, so the ceilings have to go. We also didn’t want the wood ceilings in the bathrooms upstairs since it would be exposed to lots of moisture. We did keep the ceiling in our master bedroom, Yay!! It wasn’t sagging and there is no need to worry about moisture in there, so hurray! Now I just have to scrape of 4 layers of wallpaper….

Removing the ceiling in the kitchen went a little differently, though. The kitchen was added on later and only has an attic space above. Technically, Ryan COULD have crawled in the attic space…but I am pretty sure he would have fallen to his death. I’m not a supporter of anything that could injure my husband. Maybe in 10 years that will change.

Kidding!! The ceiling is not nearly as sturdy as it should be. So, getting in the attic and kicking the ceiling down was not an option. Bring out the crowbar!! Ryan took down the ceiling with his hammer and wonder bar (really skinny crowbar). He made quite the mess.

While Ryan was busy taking stuff down, I ran everything from the inside and upstairs to the dumpster. No need to worry about running or working out that day, gah! I made about 428,977 trips back and forth to the dumpster. Ok, Maybe not that many, but it was a lot!

Want a sneak peek of our vaulted kitchen ceiling? Well, even if you don’t, you are getting one anyways because it is…um… awesome.


I am just a little bit excited about it…

Anyways, I have one more thing I would like to address today. Apparently, there is a rumor going around that I don’t get dirty. Or do dirty work. I just tell Ryan what to do and take pictures. NOT TRUE, PEOPLE! SO NOT TRUE!! So without further ado, here is a picture from this past Saturday. Here I am covered head to toe in coal dust.

Brittney Saffell

My feet were even filthy.

Ryan actually won the “I-am-dirtier-than-you” Saturday contest. We pick a winner every Saturday, usually it’s yours true, but this past Saturday Ryan took the cake.

 Bella managed to stay nice and clean this past Saturday.

Bella Saffell

Overall, it was a very productive week!! It did feel like a really long, weird week with the Holiday though. Anyone else just out of sync all week? I sure was. What did you do this weekend? Anyone ever removed a ceiling before?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

P.S. You are welcome to follow me on Instagram (bnmsaffell) for immediate house updates! I don’t post everything on Instagram, but usually post a few pictures throughout the week. It does usually take around 3 to 7 days for me to blog about it, so you will be ahead of the curve!


13 thoughts on “Bringin’ Down the House

  1. I know you were wearing your mask!! The kitchen celiling is going to be amazing!! Hopefully I will be back soon to help!! I have been working on the bottles you found under the porch and they are coming along! 🙂

  2. You are one DIRTY GIRL! In a renovation kind of way. HA HA!
    The shot of your feet is hilarious. Looks like you’re wearing some kind of crazy black stockings or something.
    Oh trust me… I knew you weren’t prancing around in a ball gown taking pictures in your high heels and lipstick! (laughing). You seem like the get in there, tackle it, get it down, deal with the situation kind of girl. I like that about you!
    You definitely look like you’ve been crawling through the trenches in your “Army” shirt. It’s almost like you HAVE gone to battle. And I know YOU’LL WIN!
    Great shots… the ceiling really will be amazing.

  3. I don’t understand how your toes and heels are dirty but not the middle of your foot, did you have on flipflops?

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