Good and Better

I’ve got some good news people! Anyone want to take a guess?

No, we did not find more termites (darn!).

No, J.K. Rowling is not continueing the Harry Potter series (I wish).

No, the New-old house did not magically fix itself over night (that would be weird, and awesome, and kind of sad oddly enough).

Why yes, football is one day closer! But that’s not it.

Ok, I will tell you. Enough suspense. The good news – it RAINED it Alabama! Bella actually sat on the porch and barked at the rain. Poor girl didn’t remember what rain sounded like!

Ok, the better news -The contractor who has been putting together our estimate called today and THE ESTIMATE IS DONE! PRAISE THE LORD! We have been waiting for six weeks (maybe more?) for it. In his defense – he had surgery about 4 weeks ago and a 2 week recovery was really 4 weeks. We are not upset at all that it took so long. I am picking it up from him tomorrow, and I am PUMPED but nervous all at the same time.

Before Ryan and I even put an offer on the house, we put together a list of anything and everything we could think of for renovations and ball parked an estimate for everything. Having worked for a remodeler, there were a lot of things I was comfortable estimating. Some things, not going to lie, we just googled and guessed. At the end of our list making, it looked a little like this.

Pretty long. Pretty-too-darn-close-to-our-max-budget, but it was in our budget, so we crossed our fingers, prayed and went ahead and put in the offer. Now, here we are. In order to get a construction loan from the bank, we have to present them an estimate from a lisenced contractor. Based on the estimate, the bank with HOPEFULLY loan us between 70-80% of that estimate.

Fingers are crossed! We will be sure to keep you posted on the whole construction loan process. Has anyone gone through the construction loan process before? I would love to hear if you have! Has anyone ever been denied a consruction loan? Actually. Don’t tell me that. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Hope you are having a good week! Thanks for reading 🙂

4 thoughts on “Good and Better

  1. Oh yikes, that is a long list, but sounds like you know what you’re doing – having never done that much construction, I wonder if any of that stuff is negotiable?? Good luck!

    • Some days we do, some days we don’t 🙂 We have talked to a few contractor/trades people who are willing to work with DIYers, like they will let us help and calculate our work into labor to we save some money. We will have to see how it all goes! Thanks for visiting!

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