The Day a door fell on Ryan’s head….

First off, I have Ryan’s permission to tell this story to you all.

Secondly, I love my husband. He is wonderful. He is kind. He is honest. He is smart. He is level-headed and calm….99.1 percent of the time. This story, well….it falls into that 0.9 percent.

Now, onto the story! The other day I told you we were removing the ceilings upstairs. That all went really well. It was very dirty work, but over all removing the ceiling went as planned. Any project going as planned = success! Once we removed all of the ceilings, it left us with a lot of beadboard, dust, dirt, 100 years of attic who-knows-what to clean up.

So, Ryan decided to make a “poop shoot” down the stairs with all of the long pieces of bead board and tongue and grove planks. A poop shoot is kind of like a slide you make to throw debris down so you don’t have to make 4,980 trips up and down the stairs. While that sounds great, let’s keep in the mind the bottom of our stairs looks like this.

It is a REALLY tight angle, so getting those long pieces out is a little difficult. Do-able, but difficult. So Ryan takes on the task of maneuvering the pieces out of the stairs, and I take the pieces outside to the dumpster. It was a pretty good system. Well, after a few runs back and forth to the dumpster, all of a sudden I hear Ryan cursing AT. THE. TOP. OF. HIS. LUNGS, like YELLING the f-bomb as loud as he can (it’s not a word you hear…um….normally…in our house). Honestly, my first response was to check out the street and see if there were neighbors or children hearing it. Seriously, I did. I probably should have checked on Ryan, but it was my first response!! I wanted to see if there was someone I needed to apologize to later. I would hate to be the reason a three-year old starts dropping the f-bomb at dinner. Wouldn’t THAT be embarrassing to be known as THOSE neighbors?? Thankfully, no neighbors in sight. Whew! I then bolted inside to check on Ryan.

I go running into the house to find Ryan HURLING a door across the room.  Yes, THROWING the door. He went on to kicking everything in sight and continuing to YELLING profanity (I mean, top of his lungs-serious-business-yelling, not just a raised voice-but YELLING!). I am standing in the doorway just watching this whole thing, trying to decide what to do. Do I stop him before he hurts himself? Before he hurts the house? Is he actually hurt? Um…WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?!?!?! He continues with the throwing, kicking and cursing for a solid two or three minutes. He kicked the brick chimney. He hurled the door back across the room. He threw his mask. He threw his gloves. I mean, if it was in reach, it was kicked, thrown or cursed at. Maybe all three.

Thankfully, he finally stops. I am still standing there just watching, still unsure what to do, so I simply ask, “Are you ok?” (I am also trying to hold back laughter at this point because I know he has to be ok to have thrown a fit like that). He grumpily says, “Yes, just keep working.” He puts back on his gloves and mask and starts back to work.

About ten minutes go by before either of us say anything. Ryan apologizes for his behavior and language and begins to tell me what happened. Apparently, while he was fighting to get a piece of tongue and grove plank out of the stairway, he jerked a piece of bead board out and it hit a stack of doors behind him, causing the stack of doors, maybe just one door – still not sure, to fall on him. The door actually nailed him right-smack in the back of the head and left a pretty good knot. So the door falling on him is what caused the hissy fit. Darn you door!

You guys, it was hilarious to watch, a little embarrassing, yes, but overall pretty humorous! Thankfully, Ryan is ok and the knot has gone down now. He is still mad at the door, but it may just stay that way.

Door – 1. Ryan – 0.

Have you ever witnessed someone absolutely LOSE IT? Have you thrown a hissy fit like Ryan did? If so, that sounds like a story I need to hear 🙂 Have a great week!


17 thoughts on “The Day a door fell on Ryan’s head….

  1. Good to know everyone has their breaking point- Ryan seems so cool and collected. This has definitely happened at our house, though I won’t name names here, haha! I think my first reaction would have been the same as yours 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry for laughing… the giggling is only because I’ve been in your shoes while I watched my husband throw things, cuss, and bleed to death as I stand there with my mouth open wondering what the hell to do! It’s not funny, but after it’s done… it just IS!
    I’m VERY glad he’s okay and lets face it, he’s been doing more work in the last months than most people do in their lifetimes (no kidding!) and it’s hard and dirty and frustrating… only to be whacked in the head… it’s definitely an F-bomb moment. Let the “f’s” explode at that point! He probably needed to yell and scream anyway. HA!
    I guess if a goose egg is all that happens during all this madness… you guys are golden.
    Thank him for letting you share the story. Boy, can most of us relate. 🙂 Funny.

  3. Yes, I have seen a hissy fit just like this. In fact, I have seen two hissy fits just like this. One by his father, another by him when he was a teenager. The exact specifics I cannot remember, The Saffel boys don’t get mad often, but when they do… out! P.S. — I was laughing all the way through this blog!

  4. Ohhhhhh YOUCH! I’ve actually had that happen to me, and man, did it hurt. I can totally relate to Ryan’s response. LOL A few minutes of screaming, yelling, and swearing is good; it helps you to NOT focus on how much it hurts… and, how foolish one feels for having been nailed by a door. LOL I’m glad to hear Ryan is okay, though; that door looks pretty solid… Bad door; BAD DOOR! 😀

      • Yeah, it really gave a whole new meaning to “knocking on wood”. LOLOL 😀

        Did you say the door was one of the original doors? If so, in a century-old home, I’m guessing they would have been made of oak… which would hurt even more when it connected with the ol’ noggin… :O

  5. OH OUCH! And yes, pretty funny since he’s okay. But what about the door?

    I must confess: when I’m not blogging I am a figure skating coach – and some of the falls these kids take are terrifying and some of them are hilarious! The problem is that the falls that look terrifying sometimes don’t hurt at all and the ones that are funny can actually result in a serious injury so I really really should hold in my laughter at all times…it is not always possible…

  6. So funny!! I am so happy it is you two rebuilding that house and not us!! You are young and can withstand many doors falling on you. One door would wipe us out!!

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