Saturday Happenings

I am not sure what you guys were up to this past Saturday, but Ryan and I worked our little butts off. Ok, so my butt does not qualify as little, but Ryan’s does 🙂

Last week was a little slow. We had lots of rain, which we were grateful for, but rain means we had lots of gloomy clouds and no sunlight. Without sunlight, the house gets real dark, real fast. By about 7 pm, the inside looks like this.

Pretty dark, huh? It is kind of hard to swing a hammer, work a crowbar, and use a saw in the dark! We have a construction light/lamp, but dude, it gets really hot. FAST! Due to our lack of light last week, we didn’t get a lot of work done, so when Saturday came, we knew we had a long day ahead of us. Here’s the Saturday round-up.

First off, check out my new apparel.

I splurged for the masks with a cool flow vent. Totally worth the extra two dollars! The masks were very much necessary today. Last week I mentioned that we took down all the ceilings upstairs. Well, that left us with a big mess to clean up.

So we started the morning on with some light heavy-duty sweeping. About an hour later, we could see the floors again! They may not be sparkling yet, but it was pretty exciting to actually just SEE them again. Small victory.

FLOORS!!! Fist pump for floors!! With floors clean (ish) we moved downstairs to finish up in the kitchen. Ryan took down the few pieces still left of the ceiling.

And I continued on with the sweeping and cleaning.

Look what I found under all of that!

The original kitchen floor. Snazzy!! Okay, So maybe I wasn’t all that excited about seeing that floor again…

But you know what I was excited about? In addition to splurging for a new mask, we picked up this little bad boy – a paint scraper. My plan is not to scrape off every inch of paint, but I bought it hoping it would remove the remaining wallpaper remnants.

The verdict?

Success!! Seeing the small area of tongue and grove planks free of wallpaper residue was a happy moment! And then I turned around….

Yea, then I fell to the floor and cried at the amount of wallpaper there was left. Not really, but I did think about crying and decided the coal dust would only stick to my face better if there were tears, so I opted not to cry.

The last task for the day was “officially” removing the wall in the living room. All of the tongue and grove planks have been gone for a while, but the studs were still hanging out. Check out my stud taking care of those studs (har har). Sorry, that was terrible. Forgive me.

With the wall gone, we now can move on to taking care of the gaps in the floor and ceiling.

I have a plan for hiding the seems in the ceiling. Any guesses about what that could be? Did you purchase any new gagets over the weekend? By the way, if you have yet to purchase a mask without a cool flow vent, you are missing out!!!

Have a great rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings

  1. I know you’re probably enjoying scraping all that wallpaper off with your new tool, but I was going to suggest this:

    Or a similar clothes steamer device would work. If you’re lucky, the steam will melt the glue behind the wallpaper in a few seconds and it may just peel right off. At least it did for us, and it might be worth a try if you have a lot left.

    • Thanks! I was thinking about using a steamer on the ceiling. For the most part, the paper comes off in giant chunks, it just leaves bits of the gray residue. I think see a steamer in our future…

  2. Wowzers! You guys are into some hardcore renovation. Good for you! I remember how each little thing seemed like a light at the end of the tunnel when we were redoing our master bathroom… like your clean floor. It looks great! And heck yes, the cool flow masks are DEFINITELY worth the splurge : ) Good luck with everything!

  3. You guys are making great progress! Way to go! I’m really enjoying keeping up through your blog. I may just have to get me one of those snazzy masks just for the heck of it! 🙂

  4. OMG!! Everytime I read your blog it makes me happier that I live in a highrise with a staff of engineers to do whatever needs to be done!! I am impressed!!

  5. I LOVE seeing all the pictures documenting the progress and, as a huge dog lover, really appreciate that frequently in your posts you sneak in some pics of the pooches 😉 This is such an impressive undertaking and adore your funny commentary!! Very, very few have the vision to see a house for its potential and you are one of the few!

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