Adventures in wall paper removal: take 2

The other day I mentioned my new wallpaper assistant, the paint scraper. Well, I decided that while it did the job of actually scrapping of the left over wallpaper residue (all that grey stuff left on the walls), it could use a little help to speed up the process. Do I need to remind you how much wallpaper I have left to scrape?

Um, yea. Consider yourself reminded. Now, let’s meet my new BFF.

Wallpaper removal spray

I picked this up at Lowe’s, just to see if it would actually work. I have read about using warm water & fabric softener, as well as using a steamer to speed up the wallpaper removal process, but I decided to give this product a go. It was only about $6, so if it didn’t work it wasn’t the end of the world. Also, it has a picture of a piranha on it. I mean, it has to be serious business about wallpaper removing, right? Piranha’s are fierce!

I followed the product directions (I am that person who reads AND follows directions) and sprayed it heavily on the area I planned to scrape. Then, I waited 15 minutes to let the spray work its magic. I set my timer and moved on to something more fun, like peeling up vinyl flooring and carrying stuff to the dumpster. That’s how I roll.

Once the fifteen minutes were up, I went back to the soaked wallpaper area and started scrapping. You guy. It came off like BUTTER! It just melted off the walls. IT. WAS. AWESOME!! I actually got REALLY excited about scrapping wallpaper. I was so excited I made Ryan come watch me scrape gunk off.  He was even impressed.

I am going to go scrape wallpaper now because I love watching it just fall off the walls. Ok, I am not going right this second, because I am watching the Olympics, but I will continue working on it this week. I will be sure to post progress. I will also be back with progress from last Saturday. We were already in the running for worst yard of the month, but we sealed the deal on Saturday.

I do plan on trying a different attack method for the wallpaper on the ceilings next week. I am going to try using a steamer on the ceiling, since there is still multiple layers of wallpaper on the ceiling, and not just bits of residue. Thank you Wes for recommending that the other day! Has anyone tried the steamer method? How did it work for you? Any other tips? I would love to hear!

On another note, who is glued to the TV watching the Olympics? Dude. These athletes are CRAZY strong. All of them amaze me, just like they do every year. It never gets old! I think some of them are secretly aliens because they are way too athletic. It’s just not natural. Anyways, have a good rest of the week and enjoy the olympics!! GO USA!


5 thoughts on “Adventures in wall paper removal: take 2

  1. I feel so bad for you and the hours of scraping wall paper you have in front of you. I am so glad we just tore all of our walls out. What kind of wood are the walls? It kind of looks like bead board.

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