Termites: The dreaded fourth story

Termite issues are turning into a terrible fourth movie. Like Indiana Jones. The Land Before Time. Fast and Furious. Rocky. I could go on, but I won’t.

Well, when we were working on taking up the multiple layers of flooring in the kitchen, we found more damage in the floor. I am serious you guys. We. Found. More!

It was most obvious in the first player of hardwood, so under a layer of vinyl, particle board, vinyl and hardwood. While it wasn’t nearly as damaged at the floor in the downstairs bedroom, it was very noticeable. Once we saw the damage, we immediately stopped working and called Cooks. I sent photos to the contractor so he would believe me. I then made the comment to Ryan,”Maybe we can get a free kitchen sub-floor out of this! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!” Ha. Ryan wasn’t sure if they would even take my call or listen to my voice mail. He thinks we are going to be on their black list or something. If Cooks has a black list, I am sure we must be getting close to making it.

If you are new here, you can see stories on our previous rounds of termite damage here, here and here.

Thankfully Cooks did take my call and came by this past Wednesday to check out the damage and confirm it was indeed termites. *sigh*

They will be coming out next week to finish taking up all of the hardwood and sub-floor and will come back when we are ready for them to lay down the new sub-floor. Pretty awesome, right? That is one less thing we have to do and one less thing to pay for *insert awkward-white-girl-happy dance!!

Speaking of paying for things, we are SO close to wrapping up the construction loan! We met with our banker last Friday and our loan has been approved, meaning we qualify for the amount we would like to borrow (which we were not really worried about), but we still have to meet with the appraiser this coming week, so he/she can appraise the “after” value of all the work. Fingers crossed that goes well!

We are off to get some work done! What are you doing this weekend? Has anyone removed a chimney before? That is coming up on our to-do list very soon!

Have a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “Termites: The dreaded fourth story

  1. OH NO… not more!!!! Seriously I’m starting to wonder how this house was still standing. (laughing) All I can say is thank goodness you two are tearing it apart to make it beautiful and finding all the damage so it can be fixed. YAY Cooks!
    I’m thinking we should animate the termite films and do celebrity voices as they devour your house and then all get killed in the end. It’s a blockbuster indeed!

  2. If most of the bricks come down intact from the chimney, you should be able to sell them for around $1 each on Craigslist. There seems to be a market for them because I see recovered materials like that on CL all the time. But, you may already be planning to save them, clean them up and build something cool with them.

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