Goodbye Green Monster: Bathroom Demo

I promise I will address the tease picture from earlier, but before we get to the news for this week, let’s recap last weekend. The day finally came last Saturday to tackle the green bathroom!! Here is a (not so friendly) reminder:

Yea, LOTS AND LOTS of green, in a variety of terrible colors. I was not at all devastated to see it go.

We did find some not-so-lovely mold during the demo.

Yuck! That is what happens when you do not install a tub surround correctly. Behind the faux tile tub surround was a layer of CARDBOARD and then this drywall, which was covered in mold. Cardboard? Like, you seriously thought this would protect your walls and floor from rotting? FOR REAL?!

Ryan and I were able to take down all of the walls and take out the toilet on our own, but we did call a few friends to help wrestle out the cast iron tub. Thank you Chris and Wayne (and the Craft family) for helping! Much to our surprise, the tub came out easily. It was out so fast I missed taking a picture of them moving it! We (okay, not we, THEY, I had no part in the tub action) plopped the tub down in the front yard, adding to our ever-growing yard art.

Classy, huh?

If there was a neighbor hood award for Worst Yard of the Month, we might just win. Thankfully our neighbors are kind and do not make comments about the growing yard art. They know it is all a sign of progress! One of our neighbors did make a comment on our latest addition though.

Yep, the porta potty. Since we no longer have a working bathroom, it was time to bring in the portable bathroom. Do you notice where it is sitting?

ON THE SIDEWALK. Apparently they cannot put it inside the fence because then it becomes inaccessible for the company when it needs to be changed or removed. Ugh. So our porta-potty is available for the entire neighborhood to use. You can’t miss it. It is kind of funny, kind of worrisome. Hopefully a hobo doesn’t move in. But if he did, I would probably let him live there,  because I think that is what Jesus would do, but that would be AFTER I freaked out a little, ha!

We also ripped out the floor and ceiling.

Just a normal Saturday at the office! Have you ever been surprised at how smoothly a house project, or any project, has gone? We were shocked the tub came out so easily! Those kind of surprises are nice. Have you every had a project go so well you almost didn’t believe it?

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading. More updates about the picture I posted soon 🙂



9 thoughts on “Goodbye Green Monster: Bathroom Demo

  1. I’ve always had those crazy dreams where I needed to “pee” and kept wondering around to find a toilet but the only one I can ever find is out in the open in public. (okay, maybe I’m weird and what would Freud say…. but still) This is as close to reality as that dream gets! Ha Ha Ha!
    As far as I’m concerned the toilet, port-a-potty, bathtub, and all the rest would make me do a happy dance if I was your neighbor. TALK ABOUT EXCITING! They should throw parties in your honor.

    Great job on the bathroom. I love it when something goes right and goes quickly. Congrats on that! It makes you feel like you can accomplish anything doesn’t it?

  2. What a big step forward! Bathroom remodels (at least for us) can be such a nightmare, I’m glad yours is turning out easier than you expected! And the bathroom on the sidewalk … oh man, I would definitely freak out about that!!

  3. That really was a nasty bathroom, the color was awful! Glad you got the tub out easily. Enjoy the port o potty, it’s lovely! Ya’ll are doing a great job!

  4. The hubby just tore out a very similar tub by himself on Sunday. By the time we got there he had it in the yard. I am surprised he did not throw his back out. Are you guys living in the house? Please tell me no…

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