Teaser photo: Here is what’s happening

When I posted this teaser photo the other day, I could barely contain my excitement!! Ryan actually sent the photo to me during the day, and I almost squealed at work.

I might have let out a really soft squeal, quietly stomped my feet and performed a very small happy dance in my chair.

Ok, I did do that. No shame here.

Here’s the scoop – we had a carpenter/framer start on Monday (non-termite related). Can you say YAY?!?! We had originally hoped to schedule him to start on the 20th of this month, but due to his schedule (other projects and a vacation) he wanted to start two weeks early. However, we aren’t closing on the construction loan (aka source of money) until the 15th or 17th, assuming there are no hiccups as we proceed, so we were hesitant to say yes. We explained the situation to our carpenter, and he was fine with us paying all of labor cost at the end if we purchased all of the supplies up front.  DEAL! With that settled and contract signed, Ryan began frantically went to a local lumber yard to set up a homeowner line of credit, that way we could buy the supplies and have thirty days to make a payment. Not to worry (Mom), if there is a delay on the construction loan we have enough money in our wallets to cover the costs, but hopefully we won’t have to come out of pocket for it.

The carpenter will be here for two weeks and is doing all of the following:

  • Interior framing for new walls
  • resolving a few structural issues in the attic (old attic = not even close to code = kind of scary)
  • Creating two openings in a load bearing wall
  • Reinforcing floor joist on second floor under future master bath
  • Re-sizing windows in the kitchen and laundry area
  • Re-framing back exterior door to accommodate a 36″ door (it is currently 32″)
  • Vaulting the kitchen ceiling (Woot woot!)
  • Replacing the treads and risers on the stairs
  • Replace existing porch decking

I think that will keep him busy for 2 weeks, don’t you? I will actually be really impressed if he gets it all done in two weeks!!

When I got off work Monday and walked into the house, there were piles of stuff EVERYWHERE!

SO EXCITING! It was one of those, “Wow! This is really happening” moments for sure. Even though Ryan and I were both excited, Bella and Tori seemed less than impressed.

I am really excited to see how quickly work progresses from here. It’s crazy, just over the course of two days so much has happened! It is amazing how much more is accomplished when someone is working on your house 8 hours a day, everyday! Ha.

So yea, that’s the big news for the week – Framing. Here is a peak of our new entry area for those who might be curious.

Okay, so maybe you can’t imagine it yet, but it is going to be pretty awesome, slowly but surely.

Lastly, construction loan update – the appraiser is coming to walk through the house today with Ryan to put together the post work appraisal. This is the last hurdle in the construction loan process!! The post work appraisal must be higher or equal to the amount we are borrowing plus the amount we payed for the house. Say a prayer, cross your fingers, find a four leaf clover, pet your lucky rabbit foot and whatever else you do when you want things to go smoothly!

What do you have going on this week? Have you ever walked into your living room to find piles and piles of lumber? Do your dogs not share your excitement for home improvement? Bella is still interested, but Tori would rather just take a nap 🙂

Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Teaser photo: Here is what’s happening

  1. I always get so excited to read the updates on your blog! The house has come such a long way and I cant wait to see it continue to grow into a beautiful home for you guys!

  2. Boy, do I understand what you mean about SOMEONE ELSE working on your house. The few times we’ve hired someone it was the most amazing feeling ever… to come home from work and see SO MUCH progress. How do they do it? Oh.. yeah… it’s their job for 8 hours. Ha Ha! But still, it’s amazing to me how much a professional can accomplish. I did a happy dance… and I’m doing one for you right now. I know the excitement you feel and look forward to all the progress.
    You’ve come a long way!

  3. You know moms always worry! 🙂 I am looking forward to being back soon!! I imagine there is still some wall paper to remove. 🙂

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