A week in photos: Framing Progress

Framing has officially begun! There are no longer just massive stacks of 2 x 4s and 2 x 8s laying in the living room (seen here and here), but actual-real-life walls going up, walls coming down, and floor/ceiling joists being appropriately supported. I could go through every photo explaining exactly what this is and that is, but that would quickly get WAY too long, so for the sake of your time (and mine), how about just pictures of progress, hm?? A picture says a thousand words, right?

If so, here are all of my words for this week.

So that’s the recap. Our carpenter is slowly making his way down the to-do list. Working with an old, existing structure is much MUCH much more time-consuming than framing for new construction. None of the walls, floors or ceilings in our house are straight or level, so that makes his job really fun 🙂 By fun I mean slow, frustrating and at times pain staking.

Ryan and I are taking a weekend off from working at the house to help with a youth retreat this weekend, so we won’t have anything too exciting to share next week. Ryan did manage to tackle one of the biggest-final-demo-the-end-is-near projects last Saturday. Want to take a guess what it was? It actually took a lot less time than we anticipated.

What are you doing this weekend? House work? Break? Counting down until fall gets here? Yea, me too!! Have a great rest of the week.



6 thoughts on “A week in photos: Framing Progress

  1. I love watching this happen because you begin to see the house take shape… yes, it’s raw… but it’s there and you can envision the space just as you want it. It’s looking REALLY great. I’m sure the carpenter anticipated the challenge of an old home. Nothing is ever square or level or easy in an old house. I think he’s doing great… and I’m sure you’re happy with the results so far.
    Nice that you’re taking a few days off. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul! Have fun.

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