Small Victories

There hasn’t been a lot going on at the house this week. With our carpenter being away due to an injury and our work/church/life schedule this week, progress has been pretty minor. We are still chipping away at the smaller, more tedious, but more time-consuming projects like scraping wall paper for example. Oh, the wall paper. Are you ready to start throwing tomatoes at me when I mention wall paper? Can you throw tomatoes in blog land? Hopefully I won’t be finding out anytime soon 🙂

Small victories in wallpaper removal

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago before the half ton of lumber and new decking was plopped down in the living room.  While I am THRILLED to have two entire walls free of wallpaper, Bella was not as impressed. You cannot impress that girl dog.

I am continuing to use the same wallpaper removal spray I mentioned previously here.

I have even moved on to scrapping the ceilings!! If you think scrapping wall paper on the walls is fun, you should try scrapping it above your head. Whole new level of fun!!! Advice: wear goggles because it sucks to dig it out of your eye….not that I would know about that…totally all Ryan…cough cough….

Look at that beautiful bead board!! Now imagine it clean and painted a crisp white. Sigh. One day it will look like this….

House of Smiths blog

Ten June blog

One day. Until then, I will just keep scraping wallpaper gunk.

Right now, I have about 65% of the living room ceiling done. I have been having to make my way around the giant pile of wood and decking in the middle of the floor. Remember when I posted this picture?

While the pile of stuff has gotten smaller, it is still pretty darn large and this girl is not moving all that decking just to scrape wall paper. I have plenty of other stuff to do until the decking is where it should be: on our porches!

My life has not only revolved around scrapping wall paper. We just keep-on-keepin’ on with scraping vinyl as well. All of the living room vinyl is up, and we have made our way into the dining room. Can I get a woop woop?!

Just like the living room, there is a large pile of wood laying in the floor. Vinyl scraping is officially “DONE” for now. Or until that pile of wood moves. Mentally, it is a small victory for the Saffells.

Saffells:1 Vinyl: 0

If you ever find yourself in a vinyl scraping situation (I pray you don’t, but it happens), I find cutting the vinyl into strips about 10-12″ wide and 16-18″ deep with a box cutter or all-purpose knife helpful. It gives you an edge to work to, and I think it speeds up the process. I am able to pull up much larger sections when I cut into smaller portions. I have been using a 2″ and 6″ putty knife. For vinyl that is really ornery – if you can call vinyl ornery – I use the 2″, but for sections where the vinyl is more forgiving and a little looser, I use the 6″.

We have also made small progress with the bank. We have another appraiser coming out next week. HOPEFULLY this is the last step to getting our greedy little hands on the construction loan. Hopefully is key! I am almost to the point where I am going to introduce myself as, “Hi, my name is Brittney, and I hate banks.” We did find out that the first appraisal was much lower than what we want and need, like make me cry for days kind of low. Fingers crossed the next will be better!

Do you guys have any plans for the long weekend? I see some wall paper scraping and Alabama football in my future! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. Sandy and I are impressed with your work, but even more, your excitement! Love the house and can certainly see why you are putting in the hours.

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