The skies are falling

The skies trees are falling. Over the weekend, we had a brief run of bad weather. For those of you who do not live in Alabama, tornadoes are a pretty normal thing around here during certain times of the year. This round of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes  brought some pretty strong winds…

Apparently, the winds were too much for one of our trees.

Thankfully it was only a few large branches and they did not fall on the house, just on the fence. Also, we have awesome neighbors (proof here) who called us to let us know that some branches had fallen and even pulled them of the fence for us. Great neighbors = PRICELESS!

Our dogs weren’t at the house when the branches fell, praise the Lord. We took them to the condo about an hour before the bad weather hit. Can you imagine if they had been there? Tori gets freaked out when a leaf blows at her or you turn on the vacuum cleaner, ha! The girl is kind of a wimp. She FREAKS out when we use the shoc-vac, like runs, hides, and curls up in the fetal position until you are done using it, then barks until the shoc-vac has been put away. True story.  Bella probably would have 1) Tried to escape or 2) Attempted to attack the tree (that might have been funny to watch actually) and then tried to escape.

Both puppies were a little confused about the new yard decorations. Bella kept a very close eye on the trees that afternoon.

Such a helpful puppy.

We lucked out with some pretty minimal damage from the storms. If you are local, did you experience any bad weather? Any one have a good falling tree limb story to share? I am sure there are much better (and by better I mean worse) than ours!

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4 thoughts on “The skies are falling

  1. Bad weather always gets me spooked! I’ve been through too many hurricanes… but tornadoes are SUPER scary. Sorry your poor little tree suffered damage. I hate it when that happens… makes me feel bad. Good thing it didn’t land on the house. (MORE THINGS TO FIX and you’ve already got your hands full). Hope things are quiet from here on out… just the sound of framing and wall paper removal. 🙂

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