Weekend Recap: We skipped town!

Ryan and I skipped town this past weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in New Orleans.

It is worth the drive just for the food. Oh. My. Goodness.

There is so much food to eat and so little time!!! We ate at Cafe du Monde for lunch. Why yes, can you eat doughnuts and drink coffee for lunch. I told Ryan the line would be shorter  if we went later in the day, so why not just go for lunch. He just looked at me kind of funny and asked, “You want to eat coffee and beignets for lunch?”

My response, “Um, Yes. AND we are grown ups, and we can eat beignets for lunch if we want to!” Followed by a head swivel. Real mature moment.

Anyways, our short trip was a nice little break from the real world, and not to damaging to the wallet thanks to our Living Social deal. We spent most of our weekend eating, walking around town and just enjoying time together. And eating.

Another reason I love NOLA is the architecture. It is hard to beat! I highly encourage at least one carriage tour while you are there. There are horse-drawn carriages all over the French Quarter waiting to give tourist a ride. It is a great way to see all of the beautiful old buildings and learn a little more about the history behind them.

I thoroughly enjoyed not scrapping wall paper this weekend. What did you have going on? Any one else skip town, or have a road trip coming up? Anyone watch Alabama slaughtering game? Roll Tide!!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: We skipped town!

  1. Great getaway! We love New Orleans and it’s so close that it makes the trip easy and doable!
    We spent several days there after we got married and go when we can. Decadent FUN! Those powdered sugar topped doughnuts at Cafe du Monde are to die for. That is one of those things you think about before you even get there. “I WILL HAVE ONE”! Looks like fun and you’re right… much better than removing wallpaper… ANY DAY!

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