31 Days of Surviving a Renovation: Stay Organized

Day 3: Stay organized! Better yet- be organized before you start. It is tempting to just jump into a project, but thinking it through will save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the end. While making a second trip to Lowe’s or Home depot is almost inevitable (at least for us!), two trips is a lot better than five, ten or twenty seven!!
Before starting a project, create a timeline of what has to be done by when. It will help you later determine what REALLY has to be completed today/tomorrow/next week.  Since Ryan and I are renovating an entire house, we decided to put in the time to make a gantt chart (we found a template on Google and just plugged in what we needed).
I should also just come clean and tell you I love gantt charts. And lists! And marking things off of my lists! It just makes my little type A brain happy!
I also encourage you to make a list of supplies and do a little price research before heading to the store. Surprises in the budget are never exciting, unless it cost less. That IS exciting!
Ryan and I like to do a mental run through of the project (step 1-2-3, etc) and write down the supplies as we go. Organization is very much individualized. What works for some will not work well for others. Ryan and I are both type A, so we don’t mind laying out every detail. In fact, we sleep a lot better with a detailed plan! You, however, may cringe at the thought of doing all that prep work and THAT IS OK! Figure out what works for you.
Also, stay organized through out the project. Ryan and I have a folder that we keep all of our estimates, business cards, drawings and random notes  in. Ryan keeps it in his car at all times just in case someone calls with questions. I would encourage you to keep all of your info/plans/estimates in a binder or folder of sorts so things don’t get lost.
Young House Love keeps an on going to do list that is LONG. You can also check out this advice from the one and only Martha Stewart.  Jenny at Little Green Notebook loves keeping everything on a white board so she can see it easily.
How do you stay organized during a renovation?

This post is the third of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 

Day 1: 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation

Day 2: Give Thanks


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