31 Days: Celebrate the little things

Day 4: Celebrate the little things!

Celebrating the little things during a large project helps keep you going. Sometimes projects can drag on and on, and there are moments when you think IT. WILL. NEVER. END. I know I have felt that way about scrapping wallpaper, termite damage and the construction loan a few times.  Sometimes you need to stop thinking about everything you have left to do and focus on all the things you have accomplished.

When Ryan and I first starting working on the house, we celebrated about everything from cleaning a sink to removing carpet to tearing down walls. Seriously, I made him admire the sink I just cleaned!

Clean sink

Sparkly, right?! It was huge. This clean sink was a symbol for me that one day this entire house will be clean! Celebrating what we accomplished pushes up to keep working. Every step of the process is important.

For me, recognizing that I have made progress keeps me motivated. It gives me hope.

For example: Wallpaper

Small victories in wallpaper removal

Sure, I still have wallpaper to scrape, BUT I have come a long way. Progress has been made, and I am thankful for that.

If you are someone who is constantly making improvements around the house, consider throwing in a few small projects there and there. Not only will it break up the monotony, but it will provide you with a sense of accomplish. A sense of accomplishment is crucial with an ongoing renovation!

What do you have to celebrate about today?  How do you stay motivated when renovating or remodeling? I would love to hear. I may need help in a few months! 🙂

This post is the third of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 

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14 thoughts on “31 Days: Celebrate the little things

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s those little victories that keep you going! It’s impossible to keep up the strength, energy and motivation to go from one HUGE thing to the next… so anything, small that happens in between is cause for party hats and cake! Of course I always find an excuse for cake! I remember little things with our renovation beginnings. We had one door that had a doorknob that was too low and stuck out so every time you opened the door the edge of it cut your hand. ANNOYING. After a few ours of work, we had a new knob and raised it to a standard height … and for weeks every time I would turn that knob and open the door it would bring me more JOY than any HUGE project we had done before it. Sometimes it really is “the little things” It makes you think “well, look what’s possible… WE CAN DO THIS!. I’m loving your 31 days!!! So far you’re rockin’ my renovation world.

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