31 Days: Know your limitations

I am completely supportive of learning and trying knew things. Ryan and I are learning a lot right now, and I know there is a lot more we will learn during this process; however, we are both well aware of our limitations. Well, maybe just me, Ryan sometimes thinks he is superman 😉 (kidding).

I know that I can carry three 2 x 4s at one time. I know I can stack bead board eight pieces high before they loose their balance and topple out of my arms. I know I can scrape vinyl for 20 minutes before my hands cramp. I know I can scrape wallpaper for three hours before my shoulder wants to fall off.

I am also aware that I know NOTHING about plumbing, so I won’t be touching that. I know I cannot hold a 2 x 8 above my head by myself, so I don’t do that either. I know my triceps are not strong enough to lower my body weight when attempting to get out of the attic. Sadly, I know that from trying. I kind of thought I was going to die or be stuck in the attic forever. For real. I also know that I could NOT do any of this renovation without Ryan.

When renovating, it is important to know your limitations. No one can do everything. NO ONE! You have to know that there are things you CAN do and there are things you CANNOT do.  Figure out what those are and go from there.

Lastly, just remember:

You cannot do everything.

You cannot be perfect at everything.

You cannot do this by yourself.

You cannot think about your renovation every minute of every day.


You need to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and work WITH them, not against them.

Do you know what your limitations are? Any suggestions for others about this topic?

This post is the fifth of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 

Day 1: 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation

Day 2: Give Thanks

Day 3: Stay Organized

Day 4: Celebrate the little things


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