31 Days: Stay on Budget

Any renovation or remodeling project is stressful. Your house is a mess. You are tired. Your family is probably a little cranky. Nothing is normal. Add money issues to the mix and you have yourself a hot mess!

Staying on budget is a great way to minimize stress. 

Do your research and create a realistic budget. Ask your friends, ask professionals, price check materials, and even DIY blogs can be a great way to put together a budget. If you are going to be hiring out the work, I would encourage getting at least three estimates. Originally, Ryan and I were completely flabbergasted at how much re-wiring the house cost. So, we got a second estimate. And a third. We then realized that re-wiring house DID cost an arm, a leg, and possibly our unborn-first child. Live and learn!

Once you create a budget, STICK WITH IT! Surprises come up, but being over budget is an additional stress you don’t need. Your pocket-book doesn’t appreciate you over spending either.

Money is one of the biggest reasons couples get a divorce, so obviously it is a serious subject. Project yourself, your marriage, and your family. RESPECT YOUR BUDGET!

Not matter how small or large your budget is, respect it. You will be relieved you did once the project is complete!

Do you have any tips on how to be respectful of a renovation budget? I would love to hear. Ryan and I use the “watch it like a hawk method” 🙂

This post is the eighth of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 

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