31 Days: Be Flexible

So this post is one of those that I am really writing to myself. I cannot tell you to be flexible without admitting that I am one of the world’s worst. I do NOT handle change all that well, and I REALLY do not handle when things do not go according to plan well.

Take this from a person who struggles with flexibility, you HAVE to be flexible!!!!! Something will go wrong. Something will have to change. It could be something really large, or maybe just a few small things here and there, but it will happen.

You just have to accept it and adapt. 

Be flexible. If you are like me, maybe you just need to have a good cry, then you can be flexible. Whatever works for you 🙂

House progress update – the framer started back this week and the plumber started yesterday, so hopefully I will have some updates in those areas for you this weekend! Oh, and we are still scraping wallpaper of course! Have a great day.

This post is the eleventh of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 

Day 1: 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation

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Day 4: Celebrate the little things

Day 5: Know your limitations

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Day 8:  Sleep

Day 9: Stay on Budget

Day 10: Laugh

4 thoughts on “31 Days: Be Flexible

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