31 Days: The New Everyday

Oops! Sorry this did not get posted yesterday! We will call this the *Almost* 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation 🙂 

Any type of renovation or remodeling project is going to affect our day-to-day life in some way, shape or form. Before you get started, try to create a new plan for the everyday. A lot of people think to plan out the details of the renovation like budget, materials, contractors, floor plan, etc, but what people may miss is thinking about the “new” everyday.

For Ryan and I, the past six months (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN THAT LONG?!?!) we have had a completely different schedule than the prior six months.

Old Schedule:

6 AM – Rise and Shine. Coffee. Breakfast. A little HGTV. Maybe clean a little on a good day.

7 AM – Me – Get ready for work, Ryan – Work

8 AM to 4 PM – Work, work, work.

4 PM – Ryan gets home, plays with puppies, and starts his P90X workout or plays guitar

5 PM – I get home and go for a run

6 PM – I start dinner and Ryan does laundry

7 PM – 10 PM – This weird thing called free time?!?!?!

New Schedule:

5 AM – Ryan gets up, walks Dogs, gets ready for work

6 AM – I get up, coffee, breakfast, blog, straighten up Condo. Ryan drops puppies off at the house, meets with carpenter/plumber/anyone working at the house.

7 AM – Noon – Work

Noon – Lunch, Call contractors, I check on puppies and progress at house.

1 PM – 4 PM – Work

4 PM – Ryan gets off, heads to house, plays with dogs, starts work at the house.

5:30 PM – I get off, head to house and start helping Ryan with the day’s project.

5:30 – 7/7:30 (Depending on daylight or hunger!) – Work on house

8 PM – Dinner, play with puppies, laundry

9 PM – 10 PM – TV, plan for the next day/week, Clean.

10 PM – Bed Time.

What did we used to do with free time? I have no idea, ha!

I would encourage any person or family to discuss the details of your new schedule. Think about meals, house work, family pets, laundry, bills, errands, managing contractors, etc. and how all of those things may change during the renovation.  Hopefully discussing all of those before the project starts will save you a little stress!

This post is the sixteenth of a series called 31 Days of Surviving a Renovation. 


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