31 days: No Kitchen Drama 2

So I talked about my love for my crock pot. Now, I want to introduce you to another “no kitchen” favorite.

The toaster oven.

When Ryan and I first started working at the New-Old house and were still living at our old place (the one we sold), we would work on the house after work, eat dinner there, and keep on working. I started planning meals that I could successfully cook with a toaster oven or on a grill. Most nights it worked pretty well!

Here are a couple of my favorite toaster oven recipes:

Pita pizzas

Tilapia & Veggie packets

Hot Dogs and Sweet Potato fries

Baked chicken tenders with baked potato packets.

The theme here is aluminum foil!! Toaster ovens are great because you can pretty much set them up anywhere you have electricity: dining room table, living room side table, or a chair in your torn apart kitchen 🙂

You can survive without a kitchen for a little while, you just have to do some prep work.

Do you have any good toaster oven recipes to share? I am always looking for “Ryan is in charge of dinner” meals 🙂




4 thoughts on “31 days: No Kitchen Drama 2

  1. Love this! For a while when we were knee deep in renovating we had a bathroom/kitchen combo. Now that was quite fun! And a little weird. HEY, I needed a sink! The crockpot, toaster, and electric skillet saved me during those times. I remember cooking spaghetti in the living room. (ahhhh, good times!) Your 31 days are awesome!

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