31 Days: Have Fun

Fun can mean a lot of things. Today we are going to have fun by looking at all the progress from last week. Can I get a *woot woot*?

Let’s start with the back porch.

Well, the decking is gone!

That’s all of the bottles Ryan cleaned out from under the porch. My mom was so excited. I think she tried to steal the large blue mason jar. I am going to have to watch her…

Last week the carpenter demoed the entire back porch decking and started laying new deck boards. He also discovered that the bottom 3″-5″ of our columns were rotten. *Sigh* We were really hoping to reuse them, but rotten won’t work! New columns it is.

Sorry I do not have pictures of the new deck boards! He is only about a quarter of the way done.

Let’s move on to something REALLY exciting. CENTRAL HEATING AND AIR!!!!

These are by far my favorite contractors to date. They were on time. They worked all day. They made PROGRESS! It was sooo exciting to see it all happen.

I will spare you the 20+ photos of HVAC vents and duct work.

The plumbers were working last week as well. They spent most of last week planning, purchasing supplies and starting to lay things out around the house. They will be here the majority of the week, so there should be progress in that department this weekend.

How about a fence update? I told you we took out the chain link metal fence. Last week Ryan and my brother took on the wonderful task of digging new holes for the post.

On the back side of the house, we even found some coal! I thought it was king of cool. All of the fireplaces used to be coal-burning, so it makes sense we found coal.

Saturday afternoon, my WONDERFUL family helped us put in the new fence posts.

What happy helpers we had!

We managed to get all of the posts (37 if you want to know) set in about 4 hours. I will be back later with a more detailed “This-is-how-we-do-it” post.

Ryan and I were also able to remove the old window unit out of the downstairs window.

Poof! Gone! I almost lost my hand and foot in the process, but that is okay. I didn’t lose them, just the awful window unit.

So, yea. There is the official update for the Saffell house. Can you guys believe it is the end of October? Goodness. Where is time going? I need more time. Actually, I just need more day light. Getting dark at 6:30 is not cool when you are putting a fence up!!!



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