31 Days kicked my butt!

So this whole blogging everyday thing is rough!! Ha. Goodness, I don’t see how people do it with full-time jobs, families, and doing everything they are actually blogging about. We have been working really hard this past week and weekend on the fence, wrapping up a few odds and ends for the plumber, and overseeing HVAC installation.

Progress has been GREAT to watch, but we are tired. We usually take two or three nights/days off during the week, but we really want the fence done so we worked more than normal. We are definitely feeling it today!!

I still have a few more things I want to add to the series on Surviving a Renovation, but it won’t be today (or this week). I will be resuming my “normal” blogging ways. I hope you will check back in once or twice a week for updates around the Saffell house. Fence pictures coming soon!!!




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