Today’s Funny: The Day the Dogs broke in

Good news – we finished the fence gates this weekend so the puppies are now free to run around! More info to come there. The fence is completely finished, as in it isn’t pretty yet so if you drive by our house the fence is still ugly, but it keeps the dogs in and that is all that matters. That kind of finished.

So, since Saturday afternoon the puppies have been free.

I kind of thought they would be REALLY excited when we let them off their leashes, but no luck. Neither of them realized they were free. It took some prodding and breaking out the squeaky toy to get them running around. A few rounds of fetch with the squeaky toy and they were running at full speed!! Yay for freedom!

That brings us to today’s story. Today Ryan and I got to the house at the same time after work. The plumber was waiting on us to go over a few things before leaving for the day, so we both went straight over to the plumber instead of petting the puppies first.

The three of us were inside going over a few things in the downstairs bathroom when I hear rumbling and scratching coming from the corner of the room (The old bathroom – now just an empty corner, floor and joists even gone, just a dirt floor). Then, I see Bella’s head pop up over the dining room floor. Tori soon followed.

They showed us for not petting them we first got there!!!! They even impressed the plumber. I guess you could say, “Oh, what smart dogs we have?!” or “Oh, I guess we should close that hole in crawl space now.” Ha.

There was a pretty large hole in the crawl space from where the plumber ran the new line to the sewer. Obviously it was so large a 60 pound dog could crawl through it.

I put the puppies back outside, but in about 5 minutes they had made their way back inside the house.

So, that my friends is what happens when you talk to the plumber instead of petting your puppies when you get home! They showed us, huh?!

Hope you had a good Monday šŸ™‚



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