House Progress: Whole lot of random updates!

A lot has happened this past month. HVAC is 95% done. Plumbing is 75% done. We even made a few plumbing related purchases.

Apparently you have to have bath tubs installed to pass the rough in inspection. Who knew?! (not us!) Our carpenter has also framed most of the master bathroom. Take a peak at our walk in shower.

It is LARGE and awesome…er….will be awesome….one day. Anywho, the back porch is complete DONE!

Like, done, DONE, done, yo. Staining it will have to wait until the spring, but we are happy to have it completed for now. True story – as soon as the back porch was finished, we started moving stuff from the inside to the outside. Our game feels like a constant game of shuffle board sometimes! We have piles of lumbar, scraps, and salvage materials everywhere. While moving supplies from inside to outside we found more…

Vinyl in the dining room. Bummer! I almost forgot I had more to scrape! I am also now able to scrape the rest of the wallpaper in the bedroom downstairs. Oh, joy!

I realized after about 10 minutes of scraping wallpaper that I had lost all of my hard earned scraping muscles! Not cool. My muscles screamed even more when I started scraping the final section of the dining room ceiling wallpaper.

All done! With daylight at a premium now with day light savings (which I HATE by the way, HATE!) we have started scalloping the fence. It looks great!

Isn’t Ryan doing a great job? I give credit to Ryan because all I am doing is tracing the curve while he is doing all of the actual sawing and cutting. Props go to Ryan. We also put up some really awesome porch railings….

Classy, right? Oh yes. Actually, we do have real gates, just not at the porch yet 🙂

You know what is classier than our fancy gate? The new spot for our old refrigerator.

Why, yes, that is a refrigerator in our yard. We moved it out of our small shed to make room for Ryan’s tool chest we finally got out of storage. The fridge has now joined two large piles of scraps, a toilet, chain link fence remnants, and an abundance of leaves. I am expecting that yard of the month sign any day now!

While we are on the subject of kitchen appliances, we made one of our first fun purchases: a new range! We took advantage of a Veteran’s Day sale at Lowe’s to snag our new gas stove.

One thing I haven’t probably told you during our remodeling adventure is that ALL of our exterior doors are only 30″ – 32″ wide. The standard for exterior doors now is 36″ wide, so you can fit things,…stoves through them. Do you see where this is going?

The box is 29 1/2″ wide. Our door way is 30″ wide. It WILL fit. Ryan just had to remove the screen door.

Hold our breath…

and TA-DA, praise God from who all blessings flow, the range is in the building! Yay! *Insert huge sigh of relief from yours truly*

Lastly, we have made progress replacing the rotten floor joists in the pantry (what used to be the kitchen). The entire sub-floor and joist under the bathroom were rotten (image that?) so took on the task of replacing them.

Very quickly we realized the exterior of the bathroom/pantry wall and the exterior of the kitchen wall (what used to be an exterior wall) were no where close to level.

The floor is about 1 1/4″ out of level. Ryan will be talking to our carpenter about solutions this week, hopefully one that doesn’t involve a step into the pantry. We will see!

There you have it. A quick covering of what has been happening at our house. What you are guys up to? Can you BELIEVE Thanksgiving is next week? Crazy town!



5 thoughts on “House Progress: Whole lot of random updates!

  1. Wow! You have made great progress!! It is probably getting easier to imagine yourself in your new home soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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