Give thanks for progress!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! Ours was full of food and family, both which I love! I also hope you ate just as much as I did and regretted it today when you put your blue jeans on. If your pants weren’t snug today you didn’t eat enough. Moving on.

We keep trucking right along with progress at the house, but before we jump into the fun stuff, can I just tell you that I hate Day Light Savings? Have I mentioned that yet?!

I HATE DAY LIGHT SAVINGS! We now work on the house by construction light and head lamps, in the evenings anyway.

For one, getting off of work at 5 and it is already black outside is just DEPRESSING. Two, it is not fun working in the dark! Third, my head lamp apparently does not like the way my head is shaped because it refuses to stay put.

Since we are running on temporary power, we have two extension cords running form the utility pole outside into the house. From there we have a multitude of surge protectors, extension cords, and construction lamps. Everything that requires power has to come from those two extension cords. It makes for a fun game of musical extension cords!

Now that I have shared my feelings about that, lets move on to something more fun…like a new header between the dining/stairs and the kitchen!

So I know it is dark and hard to see, but this view is from the dining room looking into the kitchen. It is now nice and open! The header passes the stairs as well so it is now completely open at the bottom of the stairs as well.

We also have framing for the pantry started.

Remember the other day when I mentioned the floor was not level? Well, the entire room was out of square. Like someone built a cube and then twisted it, squished it, and called it a day. How is it that the newest room in the entire house can be in such terrible shape?!

I also whipped up this really rough sketch of the kitchen. I get so excited just thinking about it! I dream of storage and counter space!

So it is only one wall of the kitchen, but still exciting. I love the vaulted ceiling even as is, cob webs and all!  Did you notice the new window sizes above? We ordered windows last week! Woot woot! I will share more soon on what type of window we decided to go with.

Our carpenter and plumber have made progress upstairs in the master bath. I showed you the shower the other day, but here is a reminder.

It is pretty large, 4’0″ x 4’0″. We also now have a proper doorway from the master bedroom…

as well as a water closet (toilet room, whatever you want to call it).

We also have water lines for the vanity and a spot laid out for the claw foot tub.

Another exciting fact, we have ELECTRICIANS starting next week. Ryan will not be doing all of the electrical work after all. We were able to secure a small personal loan from a different bank in town which allows us to hire electricians. HURRAY! We are excited to say the least, but electricians starting means we had quite a punch list this past week. One of those was reorganizing everything in our salvage room so the electricians could actually, ya know, walk in the room AND reach the walls. Electricians are so needy! Gosh. Just kidding.

Reorganizing means our closets upstairs are now being put to good use!

Give thanks for closets, and all the stuff in them! Yes, I am thankful for my rainbow of original wood trim and moldings! They make my heart happy.

If there is one thing at the house I am struggling to give thanks for, it is this thing…

The dumpster. *Sigh* It’s back. Hopefully for only one or two more rounds. *Fingers crossed*

Ryan and I spent last weekend framing the wall in the living room that will one day house a fireplace, mantle, television and built-in bookcase.

Ta-da. Newly framed wall! We had to re-frame the wall because it wasn’t deep enough to house electrical outlets and all of the mumbo-jumbo that goes with a TV. Isn’t that what you call it, Dad? Mumbo-jumbo? 😉

Last update for tonight.

In case you live under a rock or just haven’t noticed, it is fall. During the fall, trees lose all of their leaves. We have LOTS of trees; therefore, we have BAJILLION LEAVES. That’s right, BAJILLION. Like more than a trillion!!

Those two pictures were actually taken a week after our kind neighbor raked the leaves. All of them, about six hours worth of leaf raking!

That is our leaf pile (round 1). Our neighbor rocks. End of story.

So that’s the update at the Saffell house. What is new with you guys? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Do you have a bajillion leaves to rake as well? Maybe just a million? I also found out the other day that I have a small following in Wisconsin (Thanks Diana!), ha! That was fun.

Thank you so much for reading! I enjoy sharing this adventure with you! Peace and Roll Tide.



7 thoughts on “Give thanks for progress!

  1. Brittney – afraid to ask, but will code allow you to have your wood framing come out that far around the fireplace? Better to find out now if it is an issue. Love You, Dad

  2. Hi,
    You have made tremendous progress! I am going to have to take your word for a lot of it. I have some problems seeing rooms and closets.
    Actually, what you hate it the lack of day light savings, not daylight savings. We lost daylight savings last month. I’,m with you – I wish we had day light savings all year long!!
    Keep us up to date. We love to see your progress.

  3. I love your blog so I will be respectful and NOT curse about my feelings for the time change and lack of light. It makes me cranky! I’m with you… and now I think I’ll get a head light to wear around the house even when I’m not working on a project. Ha Ha!

    You guys really do have lots to be thankful for! So much progress and I’m really starting to see the “shape of things”. It’s exciting! As for the leaves… I will NOT curse again, as I’m too busy raking and raking and raking. We hardly have any trees in our yard but the neighbors trees must love us. One day I rake for hours.. the next day they’re all back! I know I tied the leaf bag… are they getting loose? (laughing) It’s never ending.

    And I’m wearing a skirt today because the pants were a little tight…. so I guess I did good over Thanksgiving. Does eating an entire pumpkin pie make me a P-I-G Pig?
    Great update, Brittney!

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