Fencing 101: Successful Scallops

Finally a “How Ryan successfully created a scallop fence” posts! You can check more on our fence process here and here.

When it came to creating the scallop, first we marked where we wanted the top and the bottom of the curve on the fence. We decided to go with an 8″ arch, the bottom being 44″ and the top being 52″.


With the top and lowest spot marked we used a string to create a scallop between two post.  We taped the string in place, double checking the height at the top and the bottom, and then I simply traced under the string with a pencil.


With a couple of the scallops traced, Ryan set out on attempting to actually cut the arch…and it hopefully still look like an arch when he was done with it!!! To be completely honest, we were both a little nervous!! I actually went inside and worked on something else while he gave it a go. Nothing is worse than a back-street-fence-scallop-er, right?!

Ryan decided to start by using the circular saw because it is what we had available that day. Neither of us were really optimistic about it. We both agreed to let Ryan try three or four (enough to get the hang of it) before calling it quits and borrowing a jig saw (we haven’t added that to our tool chest yet….maybe Santa will bring one!). A few tries later….

Boom! Nicely rounded scallops!

Isn’t Ryan awesome? So far that is all we have gotten done on the fence. It is hard to work on the fence in the dark. You already know I feel about working in the dark. The rest of the fence will probably just look awkward until the Spring and that is okay with us. Overall, we are very happy we decided to do the work ourselves (with some help from family and friends here and there). We ended up saving over $4,000 by doing the fence ourselves. For us, it was worth three Saturdays and a couple evenings over the course of two weeks.

This week we have spent this week taking up hardwood flooring in the living room and getting a couple of things done for the electricians. As far as electrical update- they did start but nothing exciting, just a bunch of blue and grey boxes with no wires. Boo! So for our HVAC subcontractors are winning as my favorite subs because they were SUPER productive.

Have you ever attempted anything that went surprisingly well? That’s how we feel about the fence! Would you go back and do something yourself instead of hiring it out if you could? We are to the point we have to start making hard decisions on what else we want to hire out and what we want to suck up and do ourselves. I would love advice!







3 thoughts on “Fencing 101: Successful Scallops

  1. PERFECT SCALLOPS! The fence looks incredible. What a difference it makes to have something so lovely surrounding your home. It’s charming and well done. Fencing is a job that my husband will never hire someone to do… because he knows that in a matter of a few days it’ll be done and there aren’t many jobs that take a few days. It’s MOST rewarding to complete. He won’t let me hire someone even when I beg. Guess we both should be happy to have guys who can do such wonderful things!

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