Let’s play pretend (and decorate my house for Christmas)

My Christmas decorations are in a box…errr…several boxes somewhere in one of two storage units and will not be pulled out this year. *Insert sad face* Our house is also no where close to ready for Christmas decorations. We might have a plumbing and electrical inspection next week, so that is exciting. Key is there is maybe. And more than likely it will just plumping and not both, but whatever.

Today, we are going to pretend I have the time and money (and finished house) to decorate for Christmas!

My front porch would be decorated with garland….

front porch 2front porch

and a wreath on the front door….

christmas wreath

and the front door would be flanked with some sort of lit Christmas tree. I am really digging these tomato-grate-twinkle-lights-christmas-trees.

christmas tomato tree

Inside there would be a tree between the living room and entry area…

christmas tree2

probably with a blue and green color scheme…

christmas tree

and with FLOCKING. I love flocking!

christmas flocked tree

There would be burlap stockings on the mantle. My love for burlap is ridiculous.

christmas stockingchristmas burlap stocking

and there would be garland…and oh guess what…more burlap on the stairs.

christmas garland

We would also have a Kentucky basketball tree because I am nice like that, and Ryan is a Kentucky fan. He tolerates my Christmas decorations so much more when Kentucky is involved.

How do you decorate for Chrigstmas? Do you go all out or just a few simple things every year? I prefer the Go-Big-or-Go-Home method.




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