Brain Dump: December updates

Stuff is happening around the Saffell house. You know what is the best part? I am not the person doing it!!! Hurray for plumbers and electricians. Well, technically we are still working, but just at a slower pace right now. I even took an evening off and joined my mom for a 5K through The Galaxy of Lights.


Fun, right?!?!( Answer is yes) So much fun! If you live in the Huntsville Area, the Galaxy of Lights 5K is worth doing, even if you just want to walk it!

Anyways, back to house update. First, the stuff Ryan and I have actually completed ourselves: one is taking up the rest of the hardwood flooring in the back part of the living room.


Removing the hardwood just requires some time, some muscle, a hammer, and a crowbar. Preferably a buddy and some music, then taking up hardwood is almost not terrible. Masks are also encouraged if your house is as dirty as ours!

After about three or four evenings after work, we had all the hardwood taken up. We were able salvage about 80% and plan on laying it downstairs in the bedroom. Removing the hardwood revealed…..



More hardwood! Boom. Our entire living room, entry, and dining area are now the same level. Saffells for the win!


I also finally removed the last little section of vinyl flooring in the dining room. There is still a section of wallpaper I am ignoring, but we are not going to talk about that today.


Of course, Bella had to inspect my work.


Thankfully I passed. Bella also inspected the plumber’s supplies while she was at it. Also passed.


Ryan and I also started prepping for our new windows and vinyl.


Step 1. Remove the temporary plastic coverings and begin removing window flashing.



Under flashing we found the original window trim…which is really just rotten wood. Ew.


We also found that the original exterior is still intact.


In case you forget, or we forget, that our house is 112 years old, here is proof.


House wrap. Insulation. Plywood sheeting. Ha. That’s for sissies!

Okay, kidding. It is not for sissies, just houses that are not as old as ours. Anyways, back to windows. We put up plywood and house wrap for our new window sizes.


After the windows are in place we will patch the vinyl and put up new vinyl, flashing and trim. For now, this works! We should have windows in two weeks. New windows will be pretty glorious!

Now, let’s get to the exciting stuff….the stuff Ryan and I are not actually doing…ELECTRICAL WORK.


The Electricians started last week and to be perfectly honest, it was a little slow at first. I was a little cranky that it took almost three days just to put up boxes.


However, once the boxes were in place, and they started pulling wire, BAM! Wire, wire, everywhere!

electrical-update-switches Electrical-update-entry

There is wire everywhere. There is wire hanging down from the ceiling where light fixtures will go. There is wire outside where we are adding exterior lights and outlets. There are outlet boxes in convenient locations. Best of all, this electrical wiring won’t cause our house to go up in flames like the old stuff would have. Again, Saffells for the win!

Ryan also spent last Saturday digging a trench so our electricians could run the service in the ground from the street to the house. Just ask Ryan how much he loves digging trenches next time you see him! I think he has a new favorite hobby….*insert sarcasm*

So there you have it, Saffell house updates. What have you been up to lately? Have you had a positive experience with electricians before? I am really digging this coming-over-at-lunch-and-work-got-done-thing. Very cool!




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