Nail Gun Love: Framing & House updates

Happy Christmas Eve! Let me introduce you to latest member of the Saffell family.


This is our latest purchase in the tool department. We have only had it about two weeks, but I can already tell you it is making life so much easier! Everything is SO MUCH FASTER with this bad boy. Ryan has thoroughly enjoyed breaking it in the past few weeks.


Our carpenter is currently out of commission because he cut his hand while working at another job. Does it worry anyone else that our carpenter cut his hand on a saw?! Well, with him out of work for a week or two, Ryan and I have been taking care of a few more framing and carpentry tasks ourselves. One was framing the master bedroom closet.

Master-closet-framed master-closet

Finishing the closet also required sistering some of the wall studs so they sat correctly on the new header below. Hopefully the arrows in the photo help explain what I mean.


Of course once we were finished, Supervisor Bella had to come and inspect our work.


Thankfully she passed our work! In all seriousness, we are very happy to have the electrical, HVAC, and gas rough in inspection all taken care of! Such a relief to have three inspections out of the way! We CANNOT wait to start insulating and closing up walls!! We still have to pass our plumbing inspection, which is set for Wednesday (day after Christmas) and our building inspection. Fingers crossed those both go well!!

The other day I mentioned briefly that Ryan dug a trench for the electricians to run power to the house. What I did not include is a photo of his hard work.


If you are thinking, “That sure looks like a lot of work,” you would be right! Ryan was such a trooper and did it by himself while I was out Christmas shopping with my grandmother and cousins. He made sure to let me know at every chance how sore he was. 🙂

Another few new additions to our house include a new back door…..


which is 36″ wide instead of 30″ like our other exterior doors. Hopefully no more squeezing in appliances or furniture like we had to with the stove!

We also have a new electrical panel…



and it is in our dining room. *Womp womp* It was the best location for us to easily access it without it taking up storage space in my pantry. We thought about putting it in our guest bedroom, but we figured if the power goes off and we are upstairs in our bedroom, the less we would have to fumble in the dark the better! So dining room it is. I really did not want to give up storage space in my lovely walk in pantry. An electrical panel would totally kill my walk-in pantry dreams! Here is a few pictures I am using for inspiration for the pantry.


pantry 2

*Sigh, wipe drool* I cannot wait! Back to the electrical panel. I plan on hiding it behind some sort of hinged picture frame or mirror so it is not an eye sore. I will be honest and say the panel is a little larger than I was anticipating, but Ryan is pretty excited about the giant electrical panel.

Another thing Ryan is excited about is our surround system in the living room. My Dad is putting in for us as a house-warming gift. What an awesome Dad, right?!


While it is a nice gift for us, I think it is just as much for Dad 🙂 Heaven forbid we invite my parents over for a movie and not have surround sound!! Haha. My Dad is kind of techy, so his standards for TV watching are a little higher than mine, ya know, the “artsy-fartsy” type! 🙂

Well that’s a wrap for today. There is more to share, but I need to start cooking and wrap a few more gifts! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Be safe traveling! And a little bit more nail gun love. It is not only handy for framing, but Christmas crafts as well!


Peace and Blessings.



8 thoughts on “Nail Gun Love: Framing & House updates

  1. We are delighted that you have made so much progress!! It is really starting to look like a home! Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays. We feel honoured to get one of the Christmas trees! Pat and V

  2. Love love love the Christmas trees!! So much is happening at your house and I am sure you will always welcome help! 🙂

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  4. Ugh, that second pantry is to die for. I really want one too but I don’t know if I can sacrifice one of our closets since there’s so little storage space.
    Anyway, this is your neighbor and I saw your mini interview and blog in the newsletter. I love it! I’m supposed to be blogging too, but I’m really terrible about consistency.

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